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Introducing The Street Team

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As my next project draft comes very quickly to a close, I started thinking about how to promote the
book when it's finally ready. There's art to do, extra stories to write, people to tell... And it occurred to me that my favorite authors reach out to their fans for marketing support. I love getting an email directly from my writers I admire in advance of their next book with the marketing plan laid out and ready to execute.

So I put forth to my readers... would you like to join my Street Team?

The benefits: Street Team members receive a host of cool perks that coincide with new book releases-- both traditional and self-published.

  • coupon codes for discounted/free books
  • advanced notice of pre-orders and release dates
  • access to me for interviews and blog-hops to promote your own work
  • your name listed in the back of books you help promote with links to your website/blog
  • voice your ideas for marketing/promotion efforts and prizes
  • access to promo graphics and art

The tasks: Whenever there's a new story coming out, my Street Team is the first group I'll talk to for marketing prep and ideas. Here's a list of possible things I'll ask about. Joining the Street Team does not mean you have to do all, or even any of these things. It just means you'll hear about the plan in advance and can volunteer to participate in whatever sounds fun to you.

  • favorite giveaway or prize type
  • announce giveaways, prizes, and (of course) pre-orders on your social media accounts
  • host me on your blog/website, interviews and blog tours
  • coordinate your related book to release with mine
  • guest and fan art/writing. I highly encourage fanfiction of my work for non-profit and will happily host writers and artists here to show their stuff

This is still in the initial planning phase, so things will expand and grow over time and as I learn what my biggest fans want to do.

If this sounds like something you're into, sign up here.

If a street team is something that sounds appealing to you for your own marketing efforts, I highly recommend you click through the slideshow below. This is an instructional slideshow on pre-orders through Smashwords, but contains some very useful information on how to leverage a pre-order phase before release and some book-buying tendencies that may inform when you release your new book. Check it out:

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