Welcome to Tidewater! This bustling, modern city on Washington State’s coast has recently climbed the charts for best place to live while muscling in on Silicon Valley's tech scene. People are loving the new attention, but some are fighting to preserve what makes Tidewater great: the wild spaces, artistic vibe, and a culture of active lifestyles.

Tidewater's evolution brings everything from real-estate value to movie talks, and the city explodes into a popular destination for new residents and tourists alike. The locals are split--embrace the changes and all that they bring, or resist to keep Tidewater the little city that could. As more people discover this delightful coastal town, bordered by great ski slopes and epic surf, change is inevitable and sparks are going to fly.

This contemporary city series is guaranteed to feature self-assured men falling powerfully in love as they clash and overcome what keeps them apart. Each story stands alone, but all are built around Tidewater and the people who live there.

Dawn Patrol

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Elias lives for the waves. He's been surfing off the Tidewater coast since he could crawl, and the connection he's forged with the ocean is fundamental. Every morning he shares a ritual swim with the local pod of dolphins. Elias is desperate to find a way to express what the sand and the sea mean to him, and local artist Theo could be just what he needs.

Theo's art has helped him move mountains. It granted him freedom from abusive family and supports his quiet lifestyle. He's ready for more. So when muscle-bound Elias commissions him for a mural on his bedroom wall, Theo has more than one reason to take the job. It's time to reach with his heart, an easy thing when Elias is so eager to share what's in his.

Water is essential when painting, and color is what brings the ocean to life. Elias and Theo were made for each other. It's only a matter of time before Tidewater brings them together.

Remaking Josh

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Josh found his happily ever after with husband Rick and their malamute Anna, only to loose it again. Rick died in a car crash, leaving Josh with an unsupportive family and nowhere to turn. Months after the incident he still hasn't found a way to cope, but he's tired of the black pit of depression. He takes a late-season trip with Anna to their cabin on the edge of Tidewater, hoping to find a way to move on. He doesn't expect to rescue someone else.

Eli's work for Fish and Game has brought him up to the mountains once again. He thrives here in the snow and the wild, but even he knows when it's time to find help. A dead truck battery, no satphone, and an incoming storm drive him toward the only cabin around. He collapses at Josh's door near frostbite. Josh takes him in, but the storm hits hard that night and in the close quarters Eli finds a man more in need than he's ever seen.

Josh is torn between Rick's memory and the unexpected, powerful attraction he has for Eli. He's not ready for anything new, but he desperately wants the comfort and understanding Eli provides. Tidewater's winter storm just needs to snow the two damaged men in long enough for them to realize they can heal each other.


Baited, a small-town M/M romance

Zach left small town Edenburg twenty years ago. He got out, went to school in Tidewater, started a business, and never forgot his first love, Mason Gilbert. When he hears Mason's mother has died of a stroke, he drops everything to help his best friend get through it. But Zach left for a reason.

Since Zach abandoned him, Mason has managed to make a small space for himself. He hides his sexuality and, in return, no one brings it up. It's a system that works just fine until his past comes charging back in an off-white Bronco to save the day. Mason doesn't need saving and Zach's unwanted protection is unraveling the life he made.

Tidewater sent Zach back to Mason when Mason needed him most, but Mason is losing clients and credibility. People are choosing sides. Zach thought he was coming back for happily ever after, but he's starting to feel like the big bad wolf.