In the near future, mil­i­tary and inves­tiga­tive ser­vices are global and pri­va­tized. The Zodiac Forces are the dom­i­nant estab­lish­ment world-wide. Based in the United States with branches of ser­vice extend­ing from domes­tic dis­putes to orga­nized crime, Zodiac oper­a­tives are highly spe­cial­ized sol­diers for unique conflicts.

A Scorpion's Nature


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Alex Drake is run­ning from his father and the expectations of the Drake fam­ily name. He has money and pres­tige but no con­trol of his life. When he threat­ens to join the Zodiac, his dad ensures he fol­lows through.

Now Alex has noth­ing, and worse, his fam­ily name makes him a tar­get. Bootcamp is going to kick his ass, the other recruits are mak­ing sure of that. D’Angelo makes him­self the devil of the bar­racks and enforces the title with his fists. Alex needs an ally, fast.

Shawn and Dillon prove to be on his side while D’Angelo discriminates equally. But when the devil catches Alex alone, some­thing changes. Alex dis­cov­ers he likes being dom­i­nated and D’Angelo is all too will­ing to pro­vide. But the devil is dan­ger­ous, he’s put every recruit but Alex into the emer­gency room. It’s only a mat­ter of time before he loses control.

Closer Than Touch

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Deia has dif­fi­culty keep­ing part­ners; no mat­ter how hard they try, they keep wind­ing up dead. Bad enough in a spe­cial oper­a­tions unit, but Deia is a Gemini, meant to work with a part­ner at a level of inti­macy that leaves all his other rela­tion­ships dull and dis­tant by comparison.

Tired of his partners dying, Deia is ready to transfer to Scorpio, where working alone isn’t a problem. When his boss stipulates he’ll only sign off on the transfer if Deia meets a new candidate, Deia reluctantly agrees to try one last time.

Spring Tide

Cancer is the watercraft-branch of the privatized Zodiac Forces. If you can float a boat, you'll find Cancer operatives on the water investigating. Whiplash and Cardinal are two soldiers off the coast of Italy, hot on the trail of an ivory smuggling gang.

Instead of ivory, they find a message in a bottle calling for help. It's ten years old and the case is probably cold, but Whiplash knows a proper adventure when she sees one and Cardinal is along for the ride. It gets personal when the trail leads back to the very smugglers they were tracking. Both Whip and Cards are kidnapped and the woman who threw that message in a bottle: she locked Cardinal in the forward berth of the ship herself.

Was it a trap for the Zodiac women or does the lady pirate want out? Separated from her partner and supplies, it's up to Cards to keep it together and get herself free. If it means pretending to cooperate, even pretending to fall in love, Cardinal won't pull any punches.