There is now a ded­i­cat­ed page with­in your mem­ber­ship menu for down­load­able perks. All your book for­mats, the cur­rent sta­tus of my WIPs, and more. This is quite over­due but I’m glad you now have a sin­gle place where all these down­loads are avail­able.

You’ll find the entire list of my pub­li­ca­tions is com­plete, but not all of them have live links yet. As I add more files I’ll update the links and let you know. If there’s a book you’re dying to read, com­ment below and I’ll put it on the top of my list. Future pub­li­ca­tions will be uploaded for you before release day, as they should be. I’m very hap­py to be back on track with your bonus­es here. Huzzah!

You also now have access to unpub­lished works 😉 If/When those books are revised and re-released your down­load links will be replaced. In the case of major sto­ry over­hauls, I’ll pro­vide a dif­fer­ent link so you can have access to the orig­i­nal.

Art-lev­el mem­bers: I don’t yet have down­load links for you, but they’re next on the list. If I can incor­po­rate your perks on the same page while lim­it­ing access to art-and-above mem­bers, I’ll do that. I haven’t quite fig­ured out how yet 😉 If I can’t, art-lev­el perks will get their own page.

Travel updates! I am cur­rent­ly plan­ning on being in Vegas twice dur­ing October/November. The first trip is from October 19th-24th for the Business Masterclass put on by Dean Wesley Smith.  The sec­ond trip is from November 6th-8th for the 20books to 50k con­fer­ence. Both of these will prob­a­bly be extend­ed by a day on either end to account for trav­el, as Vegas is with­in a rea­son­able 6‑hour dri­ve from my house.

At this point, those are the only con­fer­ences I’m expect­ing to attend for the rest of the year, so if any of you are in the vicin­i­ty of Sin City dur­ing those weeks and want to get togeth­er for lunch, din­ner, or coffee/tea, please let me know! I’d be delight­ed to meet you in per­son.

Personal news: the drugs are work­ing, my friends. I’ve been very pleased with those results and I’m main­tain­ing the cur­rent dosage for now. (Duloxotine 90mg/day morn­ing, Birth con­trol pill, morn­ing, Melatonin 10mg/day evening) Dreams are still has crazy and wack as ever, but they’re not wak­ing me up any­more, and that’s all I need.

I’ve con­tin­ued cycling most morn­ings and I’ve added a bit of weightlift­ing after­ward to work upper body/back. My shoul­ders have a chron­ic injury from high school swim­ming, so any strength­en­ing I can do on my back/shoulders, chest will help sta­bi­lize that. I need to be more con­sis­tent here.

I’ve recent­ly had an inflam­ma­tion flare up in my low back so I went to an acupunc­tur­ist who did alarm­ing things that made all the pain go away! There were nee­dles and elec­tric­i­ty and glass cups and fire and all man­ner of expla­na­tion. I have anoth­er appoint­ment this after­noon to fol­low up (maybe he can do some­thing about my knee…) and I’ve pur­chased my own home-use TENS unit to work out some of the ten­sion I car­ry dai­ly.

On the art front I have a new sketch­book (yet anoth­er) and I’ve pur­chased my very first cop­ic mark­ers, which makes me gid­dy and delight­ed. I want to start sketch­ing in the evenings dur­ing the week, which I’m sure you art-lev­el peo­ple are delight­ed to learn! I’ll have sketch­book downloads/updates avail­able on the future art page.

Finally, this year is Mr. V’s  40th (!!) birth­day and he’s been pon­der­ing how to cel­e­brate. He wants to go to Disney, but we’ve done both world and land sev­er­al times. I have found there’s a Halloween Disney Cruise which no doubt involves a lot of Nightmare Before Christams themes, Mr V’s absolute­ly favorite movie. Halloween is his favorite hol­i­day. Basically this seems like the best pos­si­ble oppor­tu­ni­ty, and I’ve been want­i­ng to go on anoth­er Disney cruise since I expe­ri­enced my first one at 10 years old. (Spoiler alert, it was amaz­ing.) I’ve pitched the idea to Mr. V, so cross your fin­gers!

What’s been hap­pen­ing in your lives late­ly? Post in the com­ments with your updates!