Progress so far, and where those sto­ries are going!

1: You and Me In Summer — F/F Sweet Romance, Submitted to Love Is Like A Box of Chocolates. Pending.

2: Tentacle Awareness — JumperVerse, post­ed to blog (sched­uled)

3: Flight of the Hornet — Female Led Military Scifi, Submitted to Cohesion Press. Pending.

4: Opportunity Makes A Thief — M/M Erotic, fea­tur­ing char­ac­ters from Stealing Serenity. Submitted to Bronzeville Books. Pending.

5: Infestation — PostApoc, Military Scifi, post­ed to blog (sched­uled)

6: The Bone Witch — Urban Fantasy/Paranormal, post­ed to blog.

7: The Eminent God — Expansion on The Dogun, post­ed to blog (sched­uled)

8: Running With Bulls — Zodiac Forces, Taurus. Submitted to BSQ #8. Pending.

9: Sea Sprites — Act of Piracy Prequel, post­ed to blog (sched­uled)