Public Post!

Finally some news you art-tier mem­bers are going to be thrilled to hear! I have start­ed to make reg­u­lar, sched­uled art time a pri­or­i­ty in my week, which means both new art to show you and the pos­si­bil­i­ty of prints or oth­er merch. 

I have a great desk­top and touch­screen mon­i­tor (A Cintiq by Wacom). Two or three years ago I tried to start stream­ing my art on twitch (Before they had a cre­ative chan­nel) to get into more of a habit/gather a fol­low­ing. I did­n’t have a clue what I was doing, but I still man­aged to put some­thing func­tion­al togeth­er. I prob­a­bly last­ed a week.

It’s time to try again. Setup is FAR eas­i­er now than I was back then, it prob­a­bly took me 15 min­utes to get up and run­ning, but now there are a thou­sand small details you can manip­u­late to give your view­ers par­tic­i­pa­tion/watch-your-stream incen­tives. I’m pri­mar­i­ly going to use it as a study sched­ule, but I plan on tak­ing a lim­it­ed num­ber of com­mis­sions so I can add that rev­enue-stream to my list of things. From there I’ll prob­a­bly add prints and/or merch via pod ser­vices like red­bub­ble or some­thing. If you have a favorite pod site you like to use, let me know!

I’ve got the stream up and run­ning if any­one wants to check it out: and when I’m not stream­ing I have a list of peo­ple that are host­ed on my chan­nel auto­mat­i­cal­ly, so there is a LOT of con­tent run­ning there with­out me need­ing to do any­thing addi­tion­al. So far I’ve found two ceram­ic artists (!) and more than a few dig­i­tal artists to fol­low. I’m super excit­ed about find­ing quite a few peo­ple who do pub­lic study/critique ses­sions so I’m fig­ur­ing out when they do that.

The sched­ule so far is based around the cri­tique that oth­er artists are doing. So Artist1 does a pub­lic study at 8pm on Mondays which means I can stream at 8pm for an hour on mon­day fol­low­ing the study and then sub­mit my results in that artist­s’s dis­cord for cri­tique. While Artist 2 does a pub­lic study on Wednesdays, but pro­vides the pho­tos for every­one on the dis­cord. You have a week to do the study, then she’ll do a pub­lic cri­tique, which then gives you a week to adjust the paint­ing and resub­mit for fol­low up. As I fig­ure out these artists sched­ules and mine, I’ll come up with a more sta­ble pat­tern of prac­tice.

I still have a writ­ing sched­ule to fol­low, of course, and the ceram­ic work I’m doing. Plus any edits or oth­er work I take on. So the painting/study sched­ule needs to slot into gaps, not knock oth­er things off my plate. We’ll see how that goes. I’ll prob­a­bly fill up some hours sat­ur­day, sun­day, mon­day, tues­day since those are my least packed days right now.