Public Post!

We’ve just dec­o­rat­ed for Halloween here in the Veldura house. We have glow­ing cat eyes in the office win­dow, a spi­der­web door­way, a haunt­ed train on the bar (and the Hogwarts Lego train, too). There are signs out front that say Trick Or Treat and Welcome Foolish Mortals. We also have a haunt­ed wreath on the door dec­o­rat­ed with pur­ple lights and orange glit­tery spi­ders. Halloween is the favorite hol­i­day in this house, for sure. A few new pieces are added every year. 

I’ve been pok­ing at using a plan­ner for a few months now. A lot of my life is dig­i­tal, and I want to keep it that way, so it’s been an inter­est­ing exper­i­ment to fig­ure out what parts of my life have not been well-tracked dig­i­tal­ly, and which parts don’t need to be tracked at all. I’ve been hav­ing trou­ble using the plan­ner con­sis­tent­ly until a friend of mine made a good point: The use of the plan­ner needs to be fun and engag­ing. I need to include things that I love see­ing, oth­er­wise the plan­ner just becomes anoth­er chore.

This seems obvi­ous in ret­ro­spect. The past two days I over­hauled my plan­ner to focus on cre­ative projects that I have in-process. Not only does that help me make sure I work on things I’ve already start­ed, it also makes the plan­ner fun to flip through and make notes in.

I’ve also added a morn­ing sec­tion where I can list out my tasks for the day, which gives me a focus. Tasks are almost nev­er well orga­nized in my life, but even hav­ing a messy list is bet­ter than noth­ing. Half way through the day I’ll get dis­tract­ed on some­thing and utter­ly for­get what I was sup­posed to work on. We’ll see how this goes to bring me back on track.

My sec­tions are now Morning Meditation (dai­ly list, year goals, accom­plish­ments, etc), Idea Box (cap­ture sculpy, draw­ing, clay ideas & a sketch sec­tion), Projects (for major trav­el trips, clay, sewing, dig­i­tal art, etc), and Health (which includes a track­ing cal­en­dar, lists of work­outs, and my month­ly house­clean­ing check­list). 

This is a tool I want to try and use every day, but when it becomes a chore or stops being use­ful, I’ll change it up again and try some­thing new.