Public Post!

Welcome back mem­bers, and hel­lo new friends! This is the blog feed for my mem­ber­ship-side of Just like Patreon, but sub­scrip­tions are direct to me through pay­pal. If you’re not a pay­ing mem­ber, take a look at your sub­scrip­tion options here.

Well this has been over­due for about six­teen years. At long last, mem­bers of the tree­house will receive an auto­mat­ic email noti­fi­ca­tion when I post an update here. In addi­tion, face­book and twit­ter will be noti­fied, which will con­tin­u­ous­ly let my audi­ence know about mem­ber­ship to the site, and might dri­ve addi­tion­al sub­scribers.

As with all my newslet­ters, the auto-update can be unsub­scribed from. I don’t want to harass your inbox. However, if you’d like to re-start, you’ll have to email me. I don’t have any way (yet) for some­one to sign them­selves up. Now that I’m think­ing about it I can add that to the perks page. Or maybe your account pages. Hmm. I’ll add this to the ever-expand­ing to-do list.

I want­ed to put the con­tent of each blog right into the newslet­ter, but most of these posts require mem­ber­ship to see, and mailchimp isn’t a mem­ber XD So for now you’ll receive the last three blog titles as links, which will take you direct­ly to those blog posts.

Of course, if you’re not logged in, you’ll see the login page instead.

If you have any issues at all, shoot me an email (tamiveldura@gmail) and I’ll puz­zle it out. I try to test these things before I release them to you, but bugs like to hide, so if you think some­thing’s wacky, let me know!

Since this is the first email you all are receiv­ing, check the last few posts for the lat­est news, and vis­it the Perks page (mem­ber­ship required) for your book down­loads! Also, mem­ber com­ments have now been turned on for all blogs.