You’ll Get Beauty’s Beast Notification Emails Every Week!

Beauty’s Beast, book 3 in the Black Trans Fairy Tales series, will release one chap­ter per week on my blog start­ing January 21st. I will send a reminder email to you every Friday when the new chap­ter is ready to read. Remember: each chap­ter is only avail­able for a week, so you need to read asap!

But don’t wor­ry, if you miss a week, each chap­ter will be avail­able per­ma­nent­ly on my Patreon. You can sign up (and unsub­scribe) at any time.

Prefer an ebook to read? I got you cov­ered. Patrons will receive a book down­load for Beauty’s Beast in May, while pre­orders on your favorite store will release in June! Happy Pride!

Here’s the whole sched­ule at a glance:

January 21st

  • FREE week­ly Beauty’s Beast ser­i­al by chap­ter on my blog.
  • Paid week­ly ser­i­al by chap­ter on Patreon. Permanent.

February 5th

  • Preorder Beauty’s Beast and Mer Made on my webstore.
  • Preorder BB and MM on all platforms.

May 5th

  • Mer Made releas­es on all platforms.
  • Patrons recieve Beauty’s Beast dowloads.

June 5th

  • Beauty’s Beast releas­es on all platforms.