A List of Published Works

An Act Of Piracy (Historical PNR)
Blood In The Water
Ruin & Will
How Santa Stole Crampus
The Mermaid King
The Hunger Of The Deep

Queenships (Scifi)
What The Sun Sees
Ice Dragon Queen Wedding

Hellhounds (Urban Fantasy)
That’s Princess Hellhound, To You

HORNETS (Mil Scifi)
The Last Flight Of The Hornets
Space Sushi
Solvarg Pursues The Moon
The Queen Is Dead, Long Live The Queen
Revenge With A Side of Power Armor
A Message From The Gods

Jumperverse (Sci Fantasy)
Chasing Dragons
Tentacle Awareness
Attack of the Space Vampires

Leviathanverse (Scifi)
Flight of the Sunbird
Test of the Judgment

Maj And The Outlaws (Scifi)
Murder Is A Family Business
The Trinordia Dragon
The Right Genes For Robbery
Trafficking in Killers and Clones
It Takes A Village To Feed A Dragon
Life Is A Hallucination

The Bone Witch (Urban Fantasy)
The Call of the Grim
How Not To Raise The Dead
Taco’s Tuesday
Playground Monitor
Summoning Trouble
Blind Date With a Hellhound

Tidewater (Contemp M/M)
Dawn Patrol
Remaking Josh
Rough Recall
Wild Untouched

Zodiac Forces (Mil Scifi)
Closer Than Touch
Spring Tide
Running With Bulls
Smuggler’s Dispatch
Smart Birthday

Black Trans Fairy Tales (YA Fairy Tale Retellings)
Cinder Ella
Mer Made
Beauty’s Beast

Powyrworld (M/F PNR)
Dragon Star
Dragon Solstice
Rescued By The Dragon Assassin

Ether City (M/M PNR)
Fated To The Wolf
A Valentine’s Omega
The Dragon Heir’s Omega
The Dragon Heir’s Secret Wedding

Dragon Fire Soulmates (M/M PNR)
Heartfire Ignited
Red Stars Crossed

Stand Alone Novels
Zero Day Exploit (M/M contemp)

Stand Alone Novellas
Beauty Makes A Beast (F/f Fantasy)
Serenity (M/M contemp)
Deathwatch (YA Fantasy)

Stand Alone Short Stories
A Brand New Day (scifi)
Afterglow (fantasy)
A Gift From The Muse (horror)
A Gift Of Family (M/M contemp)
Between The Shade (fantasy)
Border Planet (scifi)
Carrot Cake (horror)
Catch A Tiger (scifi)
Colors of Resistance (contemp)
Dreamers (M/M fantasy)
En Memoriam (M/M PNR)
Glitterflies (fantasy)
Infestation (Mil Scifi)
Jinniyo (fantasy)
Living City (scifi)
Mansion GetAway (Mil scifi)
Mech Vs. Aliens (scifi)
Occult Awakening (paranormal)
Personal Best (contemp)
#PixiePocolypse (fantasy)
Problem Child (fantasy)
Professor Polter In The Computer Lab With The Banshee (YA GameLit)
Simulation (scifi)
Sovereign Inheritance (PNR)
Tea Ceremony (fantasy)
The Art of Magic (Fantasy)
The Best Dragonrider (fantasy)
The City At The Bottom Of The Lake (Fantasy)
The Eminent God (urban fantasy)
The King’s Fortune (fantasy)
The Law of the Jungle (F/F … ? Contemp?)
The Light of Shiva (urban fantasy)
The Wolf and the King (PNR)
To Heaven And Back Again (fantasy)
To Light A Bonfire (PNR)
Tree Day (mystery)
True Night (fantasy)
U And Me In Summer (F/F Contemp)
What We Do For Love (fantasy)

Fanged (M/M Vampire)

Natural Adaptation
Master Aviator
An Executioner’s Absolution
Mile High
The Catch

Enchanted (YA Fantasy)
Pale Horse
Final Wishes
Once Upon A Harvest
The Forever Storm
The Summer Rite
Dark Mirror
The Whole Truth
What The Redwood Sees
Double Vision
The Queen’s Offering

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