Blood In The Water

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Kyros Vindex, trea­sure-hunter, has a prob­lem. He’s car­ry­ing a torch for a fel­low pirate with the sex­u­al aware­ness of a tea­spoon. Rumors say the man has killed hun­dreds. He’s deter­mined to knock some sense into the work-a-holic that cap­tains the Midnight Sun, but damned if he knows how.

Eric Deumont has more press­ing con­cerns than the trea­sure-obsessed Kyros. There’s a crea­ture inked into his chest that no witch in the seas will lay hands on for all the gold in the world. He knows it gives the Midnight Sun a cursed rep­u­ta­tion and that does­n’t make liv­ing any eas­i­er. He has heard sto­ries of spir­its trapped for life­times inside spelled puz­zle jars. Eric tracked down three of the pieces for such a jar with a lead num­ber four. The fifth is still out there.

Even then, the spir­it of vengeance that lives in Eric’s skin has no inten­tion of giv­ing up such easy access to the mor­tal realm. It craves blood and the light of the moon allows it to wreak unchecked hav­oc. Cursed is an insult. This is madness.


Ruin And Will

To change his fate, Kyros Vindex made a deal with witch­es: Eric’s heart for any­thing in the world. But the cost of love was too high. His quar­ter­mas­ter and best friend Araceli Cross is trapped with the spir­it Ghalil. Driven by his guilt, Kyros becomes obsessed with the impos­si­ble. To get Araceli back, he’ll have to renege on the witch­es’ blood pact.

Finally free of the demon that pos­sessed him for sev­en years, Eric Deumont is ready to chase the hori­zon. Try as he might, he can’t con­vince his lover Kyros to move on. And Kyros expects him to return to the plan­ta­tion, and the man, where it all start­ed; as if there was a chance Philippe could pull Araceli out of the jar. But Eric won’t risk unleash­ing Ghalil, not for any­one. It’s time to cut and run.

Araceli fights Ghalil with every­thing she has but when the demon merges their souls, they break the seal of their cage. However, phys­i­cal free­dom doesn’t change the fight for dom­i­nance. Ghalil’s demand for blood shack­les her, and Araceli is nobody’s slave.

With Ghalil free, time is a lux­u­ry that no one has. And all the while, the witch crows watch…