Stealing Serenity, an M/M contemporary BDSM romance

Stealing Serenity

What hap­pens when a mas­ter thief meets a mas­ter ropes­man … he gets all tied up!

Daniel has worked the con­fi­dence game many times in the pur­suit of a prize. This time it’s for “Serenity,” a pho­to­graph worth four mil­lion dol­lars, and it rep­re­sents the largest pay­day Daniel has ever chased. To uncov­er its where­abouts he needs to get close to Kearin, the auc­tion house own­er and photographer.

Kearin knows that Daniel will be an asset for the non-prof­it arm of his busi­ness when he meets him at an event, but his job offer is a cov­er for his real motive: to get Daniel in front of his cam­era. Preferably naked, bound, and needy to ful­fill a spe­cif­ic request for a client−a port­fo­lio that will put him at the top of his field.

Daniel read­i­ly agrees to mod­el for Kearin−thinking it will lead him to “Serenity”−but what he doesn’t expect is to fall for Kearin’s brand of inten­si­ty instead. Will he go for the pho­to­graph or Kearin’s heart?

Zero Day Exploit

Asher “The Hunter” Hunt left black hat hack­ing for the safer work of IT secu­ri­ty three years ago and hasn’t looked back. He’s a law-abid­ing cit­i­zen now, try­ing to for­get the mis­takes he made in the past. His lat­est job deals with a mort­gage com­pa­ny, and even though they sent a burly secu­ri­ty guard along, Asher doesn’t need anyone’s pro­tec­tion. He’s too much of a geek to be friends with a jock, so the heat he feels in his veins isn’t going to go anywhere.

Connar James is try­ing to find the right kind of thrill that he left behind while he was sta­tioned over­seas. His mind and body are a primed weapon, he just needs to be point­ed at a bad guy. This job with a legal hack­er is not it, even if the man him­self is just Connar’s type: lanky, firm, and loy­al. He’s not look­ing for any­thing com­pli­cat­ed, though, so it’s bet­ter to keep his hands off the asset.

But the work isn’t what it seems, and Asher real­izes he’s been played. Connar is ready to jump at the threat to defend what’s his, but Asher hes­i­tates. Is it so bad to step into the black-hat world of hack­ers and con­men if it’s for a good cause? If they’re going to catch a thief, it’s going to take more than a com­put­er nerd and his body­guard. It will take a team. And Asher knows just the peo­ple for the job.


Fanged, an erotic vampire anthology


Vampires enthrall us. From hor­ror to lover, vam­pires take our lives, our bod­ies, and our blood. The M/M erot­ic sto­ries in this col­lec­tion run the gamut. From his­tor­i­cal past, present, and far into the future; sci­ence fic­tion, fan­ta­sy, and con­tem­po­rary: it’s all about the fangs.

So whether you like your vam­pire vicious or kind, dom­i­nant or sub­mis­sive, hid­den or out in the open, this col­lec­tion has an erot­ic sto­ry for you. Short enough to read on the bus, hot enough to make you sweat, and every one a new sur­prise. Five M/M erot­ic sto­ries are waiting.

Natural Adaptation: Humanity is no longer at the top of the food chain. When Vampires take over the world they must adapt to sur­vive. Some serve, some become food, but oth­ers evolve.

An Executioner’s Absolution: Bound by cold iron as a King’s exe­cu­tion­er, one vam­pire strikes a bar­gain for his free­dom. He claims his next vic­tim as a Servant rather than killing him. Now they’re both on the run.

The Catch: Vampires prey on human­i­ty from the shad­ows, read­ing minds and impos­ing their stronger wills over their food. On man stands against them, but trick­ing a crea­ture than can read your thoughts requires the ulti­mate deception.

Mile High: At 30 thou­sand feet there aren’t many places where a vam­pire can get his fix with­out get­ting caught. There aren’t many men who would enjoy it, either.

Master Aviator: The mil­i­tary was sup­posed to be an easy place for a vam­pire to hide, espe­cial­ly at war. But when you’re stuck on a boat in the mid­dle of the pacif­ic, things get com­pli­cat­ed. This vam­pire needs some­one will­ing to feed him again and again.

En Memoriam, an erotic vampire short story

En Memoriam

Paul has seen Victor before, he just can’t remem­ber where. The rush of fear in his stom­ach when Victor glances his way is famil­iar. Paul knows the slant of his smile. There’s noth­ing safe here, but when Victor offers to meet over cof­fee, Paul is swayed by this sense of know­ing. Victor’s touch feels like an old lover. His hands have been here before.

Paul is sure he once learned some­thing Victor is try­ing to hide. His hair stands on end when­ev­er Victor gives him atten­tion, like his body react­ing to dan­ger that his mind can’t recall. He’s not sure uncov­er­ing more is a good idea but he craves what Victor might give him.

Paul wants to know why he longs for Victor’s voice. He dreams about con­ver­sa­tions they’ve nev­er had. He desires a dark­ness he’s nev­er seen before. They met only once, but this long­ing is too intense. Victor is keep­ing secrets, Paul just can’t remem­ber them.

Expanded from Mile High Vampire, a read­er favorite flash sto­ry pre­vi­ous­ly pub­lished in the col­lec­tion Fanged. En Memoriam stands alone.

The Wolf And The King

Kaleb is under pres­sure from his clos­est advis­er. Either choose a hus­band and take the throne of his peo­ple, the shifters of the world, or one will be cho­sen for him. But Kaleb doesn’t want just any hus­band. He wants to find his mate, the one man that the gods put in this world specif­i­cal­ly for him. Richard thinks Kaleb is a fool to trust in myths, but Kaleb insists he’s look­ing for a for­ev­er love and he’s deter­mined to find it.

Parker is a low­born wolf shifter and not inter­est­ed in bow­ing to any tiger, that is, until Kaleb parades by and their eyes lock. For a sec­ond noth­ing else exists, just the two of them and the knowl­edge that they are meant to be togeth­er. It’s fate. But the advi­sor push­es Kaleb on, and it’s up to Parker to find a way to reach his true mate.

Wolves have been oppressed by the tiger roy­al­ty for gen­er­a­tions, but it’s Kaleb who fears the bond he and Parker share. Something or some­one is scar­ing Parker’s mate into an arranged mar­riage he doesn’t want. Parker knows that Kaleb is his, but unless Kaleb can make a stand, they’ll be apart forever.


Cinder Ella — S.T. Lynn

Ella is trans­gen­der. She’s known since she was young; being a woman just fit bet­ter. She was hap­pi­er in skirts than trousers, but that was before her step­moth­er moved in. Eleanor can’t stand her, and after Ella’s father pass­es she’s forced to revert to Cole, a lump of a son. She cooks, she cleans, and she tol­er­ates being called the wrong name for the sake of a roof over her head. Where else can she go?

An oppor­tu­ni­ty to attend the roy­al ball trans­forms Ella’s life. For the first time, strangers see a woman when she walks down the stairs. While Princess Lizabetta invit­ed Cole to the ball, she does­n’t blink an eye when Cinderella is the one who shows. The princess is ele­gant, bold, and every­thing Ella nev­er knew she want­ed. For a moment she glimpses a world that can accept her, and she holds on tight.

She should have known it would­n’t last. Dumped by her wicked step­moth­er on the far­thest edge of the king­dom, Ella must find a way to let go of the princess and the beau­ti­ful life they shared for an hour. She’ll nev­er find her way back. But it’s hard to for­get the great­est night of her life when every rose she plants is a reminder.

Enchanted — S.T. Lynn

Enchanted tells twelve sto­ries of mag­ic, pow­er, and the choic­es we make. Between love, duty, and the whims of fate, these char­ac­ters each fight their own bat­tles. Some win, some lose, and oth­ers dis­cov­er some­thing entire­ly new.

In Final Wishes, Theresa learns that her father, the king, has lied to his peo­ple for years. Stand with Duilya in The Forever Storm as she faces an assault on her king­dom that she can­not sur­vive. Walk with Gweyr through The Summer Rite as she recon­nects with the spir­it of her mother.

Twelve short tales of loy­al­ty, betray­al, friend­ship, and war await.

The Art of Magic

A dead­ly blight sweeps across the land, dri­ving peo­ple and ani­mal alike before it. Two sis­ters flee from the over­tak­ing poi­son, ready to fight for their lives and each oth­er.

The Art of Magic is a short sto­ry about pow­er, where it comes from, what we can do to change its course, and how the acts we per­form every day can stop the unstop­pable.


The world is divid­ed into two types of peo­ple: the dream­ers who live vibrant lives and the war­riors who defend them from nightmares.

Larz is a war­rior, honed to be faster, stronger, and smarter than any evil. He has solved puz­zles, answered rid­dles, and fought the life of his assigned dream­er with­out ever know­ing more than their names.

But there are secrets hid­den in dreams and one is in Rayan’s mind, locked in a chest, and guard­ed by a drag­on. Rayan locked it there him­self. But now he wants it back