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Patreon Fees And You

TL;DR: Patron is price-goug­ing you and keep­ing the cash. I’m against this, obvi­ous­ly. Read my 2nd update below for details.Welp, this came out of nowhere. You may have heard by now, but in case you haven’t, Patreon is alter­ing how they charge the trans­ac­tion fees for patrons (you) and cre­ators (me) in order to pro­vide…

Wild Untouched (Tidewater #4)

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Vacation Report and Mental Health Update

Happy turkey day to all of you who cel­e­brate! I spent mine with fam­i­ly in Loreto, Mexico. You may have seen me talk about my par­ents on Twitter now and then. They live on a wood­en sail boat called a tyan­na and they cir­cle the Sea of Cortez (that’s between Mexico and Baja) through­out the year, fol­low­ing the…

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