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Thank you and welcome to the Fated To The Wolf release list. This is a temporary list strictly for M/M wolf shifter fans who want to know more about Fated before it's released. I'll be sending out periodic emails with early access chapters, concept art for characters, and extra world building details that simply didn't make it into the final draft. I wrote 20k words in my first draft and scrapped almost all of them--so there's a lot to share! I'm glad you're on this journey with me and, as always, you can unsub from the list at the bottom of any email at any time.

Fated To The Wolf will first release in a multi-author anthology of wolf shifter novellas!

Amari Rose is about to make a deal with a demon.

Amari has been raised among vampires as the only food they’re not allowed to touch, but if he doesn’t take some drastic action, his mother will make sure he’s someone’s next meal. He wants nothing more than to leave the vampire Court, but he’s stuck in a world of eternal darkness called the Shade. Who would come rescue him here?

Titus Bryant is a mercenary werewolf with a mission.

Titus knows his fated mate is out there, somewhere. He has traveled the world looking, but the last thing he expects is to travel across dimensions. He tackles Amari while on a mercenary job and his entire life changes in an instant. All it takes is a single touch; he loses all of his werewolf strength and power, but he finds his mate at last.

Fate will tie them together.

Escaping the Shade, it turns out, is easier than believing Amari is free. He has much to learn about the mortal world, fears his mother’s wrath, and knows he’s left a hundred vampire enemies at his back. It’ll take all of Titus’ love and patience to finalize their mate bond and earn his werewolf power back.

Fated To The Wolf is a 20k M/M paranormal romance featuring a monstrous mercenary with a heart of gold and a human mate willing to fight for his freedom. Vampires, shifters, magic, witches, demons, and more will try to kill this HEA, but nothing can stop fate.

Marked By The Wolf Cover Art

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