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Friday Update 12/1/23

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Welcome to December! This week I gave myself a day to recover from traveling and organize the bags. I did some reading and watched a few youtube videos about Captain of Industry, which is a game about production lines and efficiency. And just writing that line makes me laugh because of course I would watch a game about resource management on my day off. I’m such a nerd.

Fated to the Wolf continues to move forward. I got ahead of myself today because I didn’t check my outline and I wanted to get to the good stuff already, which means I just skipped two and a half scenes to write the meet cute. On monday I’ll have to go back and fill in the important bits of character I leapfrogged. Development of this story is still going very well and I’m extremely pleased with it. As of today, I’m 26k in and going strong. It’s a good thing I’m working on this so far ahead of the deadline b/c it’s a big book.

This week I’ve also wrapped up publishing details for December’s release. This is a wide release for Enchanted, my YA short story collection that has been tied up in KU for years. Enchanted was one of the first things I ever published, back when I was only releasing books on KU because I hadn’t figured out smashwords’ meatgrinder yet. That was the name of the automated system that took a .doc and turned it into an .epub. It had very specific requirements and took a long time to process a book. D2D came along and changed everything, but Enchanted remained in KU because I just didn’t have the time to go back and address it. On the 5th it’ll be available on all the stores and by the week after, AI audio will follow.

This weekend I have some reading to do and we’ve signed up for Disney +/Hulu after over a year, so we have some Loki to catch up on! Next week I pause work on Fated in order to knock out several short stories: two BSQ Hornet stores and a submission for Street Magic 2 that I hope the editor enjoys. I also need to get ahead of schedule on the publishing again.

Have a great weekend!

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