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Friday Update 12/22/23

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Friday Update 12/22/23

The last Friday Update of the year because, let’s be honest, I’m not going to pay enough attention next week to realize it’s friday and there won’t be any work to update you all on!

But this week’s update is excellent because I get to report that my latest short story is complete and turned in to the editor at Boundary Shock Quarterly. This is a HORNETS story and for those of you keeping track at home that makes 5 total, which means I’m putting a collection of HORNETS stories on the to-do list.

I also have a surprise Valentine anthology I’ll be participating in! I’ve already started writing a Bone Wtich story for that and you’ll hear more about this in the new year. The whole project is happening very quickly, but it’s been put together by a group of experienced, professional writers and I have much confidence in our collective ability to execute. This is a very spontaneous project so I don’t have many details to share yet. You’ll hear about it as they are finalized.

Also polished up this week is the Membership Subscription on this website! The rollback a few months ago delayed this particular project, but I’m happy to report it’s soft launching now. The newsletter will get an official announcement in January (along with a newsletter refresh I think looks quite snazzy). Some authors open a Patreon, some are building their communities on Substack or Ream, I’ve decided to do so here, right on my website. This way I can share new chapters of books as I write them, including the sex scenes. Most platforms don’t allow that kind of content and building the community here means I don’t have to filter the books. You want early access? You want a free ebook when it’s published? You want to support my work directly? Check out the subscription: here.

And finally, I know this time of year is crazy crazy. Keep an eye out for my newsletter on the 27th for a boatload of free romance books, but otherwise you won’t hear from me until the new year. Happy Solstice and Happy New Year! <3

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