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Friday Update 12/7/23

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Friday Update 12/7/23

This week I brainstormed, outlined, and have started writing the next HORNETS short story for BSQ magazine. This is a mystery, but it’s also a Hornets, so there’s going to be power armor, specialized guns, and explosions. I’m 1300 words in and I haven’t quite figured out the personal/backstory subplot yet, but that’s a problem for future Tami. The bigger issue is what to title this thing. Hornets stories don’t really have a title convention (yet) and I’m open to renaming all of them to get one going, but until I figure that out, I’m just calling this one The Mystery.

Website backup and update happened today to keep things running smoothly. I’ve finally started working on the website subscription/membership (not quite live yet) to replace Patreon subscriptions so that I can start posting books a chapter at a time without Patreon yelling at me for the spicy scenes. I briefly investigated Substack as an alternative paid platform but the same problem remains with the spicy scenes, so self-hosting is the way to go.

Enchanted and Zero Day Exploit audio have both been published to Google and Apple, pending their processing times. Further audio on Kobo and my direct store are in progress as I write this and should be live by next week, but sometimes processing times get longer as we get closer to the holidays, so I can’t say exactly when they’ll hit stores.,

In longer term projects, my newsletter series for Round Robin book trades with other authors is being put together for next year. I’ll be bringing two new sets of romances to the newsletter: one PNR focused, the other an All Romance selection. Since I write across a lot of romance subgenres there should be something for everyone.

Until next week!

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