Business news! Necromancy For Dummies has been reti­tled to How Not To Raise The Dead and new files are dis­trib­ut­ing as you read this. This is a minor cov­er change, no change to content.

Stealing Serenity, pre­vi­ous­ly pub­lished by Bottom Drawer Publications is going out for ebook pre­order. Subscribers will see their copies in book­fun­nel short­ly. Since this novel­la is long enough for print, I’ll be pro­vid­ing print books on my web­store and wide. I’ll try and release those in July as well. I’m not sure if I planned that enough in advance, though. It’ll be a lit­tle tight. In addi­tion, Serenity print is get­ting two ver­sions of cov­er art, the sexy to-mar­ket ver­sion and a sub­tle ver­sion. The sub­tle ver­sion will only be avail­able on my webstore.

Going for­ward, all spicy print books will get a sub­tle ver­sion on the web­store and any book large enough for hard­back (novel­las just don’t make the cut!) will have the sub­tle cov­er on the dust jack­et and the sexy one inside on the hard cover.

Serenity is sched­uled as a ser­i­al on Wattpad and here on my blog, but I’ve done this with­out any notice so newslet­ter peo­ple will only hear about it next week. I’m leav­ing the whole sto­ry up for as long as it takes to do the ser­i­al rather than tak­ing chap­ters down after a week since I can’t do that on wattpad. It’ll be removed except for a chap­ter 1 sam­ple once the book is live in July.

Cover art for Stealing Serenity, a contemporary gay erotic romantic suspense. Image of a white man bound in white rope with his arms overhead.
Subtle cover art for Stealing Serenity. Image of cherry blossom flowers.

Speaking of sexy things. All of London’s next like 15 books will have spicy bonus epi­logues and I’ve decid­ed to col­lect all these into a sin­gle ebook that I’ll update with the new scene every time a book is released. This week, Red Stars Crossed (Dragonfire Soul Mates Book 1) came out in the Aliens on Earth anthol­o­gy. As a result, that epi­logue is now avail­able via newslet­ter signup on book­fun­nel. I’ll drop the epi­logue in book­fun­nel libraries for Subscribers, but you’ll have to buy the anthol­o­gy your­self if you’d like book 1. (it’s only .99 and for charity!)

I’ve also (final­ly!) fin­ished the illus­trat­ed cov­er for Beauty Makes A Beast, a goth­ic sexy F/F retelling first pub­lished in the anthol­o­gy Thorns. Subscribers will get a write­up about this illus­tra­tion because it’s a bit of a STORY. I almost quit sev­er­al times and then I near­ly lost the file entire­ly when it was almost fin­ished. This ebook will go out to Kickstarter back­ers first (the final reward!), then it’s sched­uled to be pub­lished wide in October.

Illustration by Tami Veldura, two naked women inverted embrace each other and a wolf, upright. Title: Beauty Makes A Beast

The next thing I’d like to illus­trate is a Bone Witch short sto­ry sched­uled for September. I learned a LOT in doing this illus­tra­tion project and I’m excit­ed to apply that to the next one. Preferably with­out the Almost Losing Everything pan­ic in the middle.

Website news! The web­site is slow­ly being over­hauled a lit­tle bit at a time. If you haven’t been recent­ly, it prob­a­bly looks a lot dif­fer­ent. I’m doing both front-end and back-end changes includ­ing fold­ing all of my pen names into the web­site, final­ly get­ting google ana­lyt­ics to col­lect data, and stream­lin­ing the load­ing so things are zip­pi­er. I’ve also got a scan I can do to improve acces­si­bil­i­ty, like alt-text for screen read­ers and such. I’ve make some aes­thet­ic changes to the shop and prod­uct pages, I’ve list­ed my busi­ness on google with some books, I’ve even start­ed learn­ing about javascript just so I can fid­dle with details.

For exam­ple, I fig­ured out a line of code that pre­vents my pay­pal check­out gate­way from load­ing on the home page. A page where you can’t check out if you want­ed to. It took two days to solve that. Now the page loads faster! I’m very proud of myself XD

Personal news! Henbit is keep­ing me pain free and I have so much time and ener­gy to spend on oth­er things now. (have I men­tioned the hen­bit? It’s a lawn weed in the mint fam­i­ly. It’s mag­ic.) I’ve gone absolute­ly crazy and start­ed train­ing for a 5k train run in August. I’ve got a fan­cy Garmin Forerunner watch and I’m track­ing every­thing on Strava (friend me!).

I’m also tak­ing a road trip in June with fam­i­ly to go see… more fam­i­ly. Road trip! Woo!

And final­ly, a ques­tion: what book con­fer­ences, read­er con­fer­ences, fan con­ven­tions etc. do you like to attend? Which ones do you real­ly real­ly want to attend but haven’t yet? I’m solic­it­ing a list of con­ven­tions from all of my read­ers because start­ing next year I’ll have paper­back and hard­back books to sell and I want to know where I should be going!