Friday Update 5/26/23

Publishing: Both Stealing Serenity and How Not To Raise The Dead have been pub­lished wide. Serenity is up for pre­order every­where but it’s avail­able ear­ly for sale on the web­store. It’s also still run­ning as a free ser­i­al on the blog. How Not To Raise The Dead is a re-title of a short sto­ry and that has been re-dis­trib­uted to all stores. Next up on this list is Stealing Serenity paper­backs and August’s release Murder Is A Family Business.

Writing: I’ve fin­ished writ­ing The Hunger Of The Deep, a new pre­quel short sto­ry in the Act of Piracy series. This short has been sub­mit­ted to an edi­tor for an anthol­o­gy, so cross your fin­gers she accepts it! Next up on the writ­ing plate is a Bone Witch short sto­ry also for sub­mis­sion to an edi­tor for an anthol­o­gy. I’ve start­ed out­lin­ing this one.

Website updates: More progress is being make over­haul­ing the web­site lit­tle by lit­tle. The front page looks a lit­tle dif­fer­ent, I’m learn­ing more ways to make the web­store func­tion­al, and (sur­prise!) Subscriptions are now live! Check out the Join Us page for details, but the short of it is: read­ers and fans can now sub­scribe to the web­site just like a Patreon or Substack in order to get all my indie books when they pub­lish, ear­ly ser­i­al chap­ters, bonus scenes and more.

I will not be clos­ing down my Patreon, but due to the con­tent restric­tions there I’ll be host­ing all seri­als on the web­site blog and I want­ed a way for peo­ple to sub­scribe direct­ly. The sup­port tiers are identical.