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Goals Tracking: Week 3

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Goals tracking! There are three major goals I’m tracking this year for both personal and business improvement. Comment below with your goals and how you did this week.

1k words/workday:

Monday: National Holiday
Tuesday: 1537
Wednesday: 985
Thursday: 1058
Friday: 1500

Notes: How did I miss the goal on Wed by 15 words! I must have come to the end of a scene…. Well overwriting on Tuesday and Friday certainly made up for it. Friday marks the start of a new dictation experiment, the goal of which is to get comfortable with dictation. That’s it. It’s very weird to transition from fingers to speaking.

10k steps/day

Monday: 6317
Tuesday: 6590
Wednesday: 6873
Thursday: 7059
Friday: 6838
Saturday: 6888
Sunday: 9114

Notes: The auto-goal set by my watch is still hovering below 7k, but not for long, now. And it turns out, I pace when I dictate, so the above dictation experiment may actually improve this step goal at the same time! Friday was a surprise! I felt very tired for most of the day (turns out I’m having a reaction to some food, fatigue and back pain are always the first symptoms) but I went for a walk around the park with Mr V for the first time in probably two months (the cold and I do not agree) and ended up blowing past my mid-6k goal and nearly hit 10 without trying. It has bumped the goal for this week up over 7k/day. Woo!

1 completed line art/week

Notes: Week 3 and all of a sudden I don’t know what to draw for the week. It took almost two months for me to get to that point with writing a short story/week. So this week’s drawing is not complete, but I did spend many hours on it. The holiday on monday screwed up my time perception and I didn’t even start working until wednesday or thursday because I forgot all about it. Lots of weekend time instead of spacing it out. Lots of initial sketching that got wiped out to try something else. For sure a milestone in this practice. A reach for the moon and fall among the stars situation. The piece isn’t done but it exists and it wouldn’t have otherwise.

Like the christmas tree from week one, if I have time and energy in the future, I’ll come back to this one and wrap it up.

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