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Goals Tracking: Week 5

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Goals tracking! There are three major goals I’m tracking this year for both personal and business improvement. Comment below with your goals and how you did this week.

1k words/workday:

Monday: 2.5k – Re-plotted Fated
Tuesday: 1300
Wednesday: 0 – Appointment Day
Thursday: 1056

Notes: This week had some upheaval on Wednesday. I had a 3 hour hair appointment to lighten, dye, and get a cut. One of the most impactful side effects of my autism is a limited tolerance for public settings and a very long recovery period following an outing like this. The bigger, longer, or later the event, the more time I require to recover from it. Therefore, a 3 hour hair appointment (arguably doing nothing but sitting in a chair) turns into an entire afternoon and evening of rest, a full night’s sleep, and a nap the following day. (still got the 1k on Thursday, though!) I do my best to recognize when an outing is going to drain me and deliberately make plans after to read a good book and wear my noise-canceling headphones to reduce input. All of that allowed me to bounce back on Thursday quite well. Needing only a nap is a great result.

I went to a Nascar race once. 2 hr drive there, 5 hrs of race cars (with headphones and ear plugs), 2 hr drive home. I spent the next three days asleep except to eat a single meal. Honoring the rest I require has been a very hard lesson to learn.

Next week will be a 0 words week while I travel to Colorado and attend a conference!

10k steps/day

Monday: 9935 – So close!
Tuesday: 8793
Wednesday: 10,070 – 2nd 10k of the year!
Thursday: 9610

Notes: The step goal is in the mid 8k’s now, which means I’m brushing up against 10k on days with an errand to run or an extra walk around the park. I’ve found that I can use the stepper while I knit or crochet and watch a video, which is great when I realize I’m 2k short around dinner time.

I’m curious to see how my effort changes once the weather is nice enough to go running again. This week I’m in Colorado with plans to go hiking and with a lot of walking expected at my conference. I don’t think these step goals will be hard to hit!

1 completed line art/week

Notes: I had one idea, then another idea, then a slightly different idea–things were all over the place this week.

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