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Goals: Week 4

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Goals tracking! There are three major goals I’m tracking this year for both personal and business improvement. Comment below with your goals and how you did this week.

1k words/workday:

Monday: 1000
Tuesday: 1374
Wednesday: 400
Thursday: Put Hellhounds through PWA, +~400 words
Friday: Break

Notes: I finished a short story this week! That’s Princess Hellhound, To You was written specifically for an urban fantasy anthology call by an editor friend of mine. I’ve submitted that story and now everyone cross their fingers! Hopefully she buys it! Monday I’ll be getting back to my PNR novel Fated To The Wolf, which will be serialized here for members first.

10k steps/day

Monday: 6239 – below goal
Tuesday: 7203
Wednesday: 7384
Thursday: 7432
Friday: 7936
Saturday: 7852
Sunday: 7731

Notes: Monday wasn’t a surprise. I had a 9k day last Sunday and Monday I was tired! 6k is still much better than previous tired days, though, and it’s great to see progress. The rest of the week went very well. I’m getting better at front-loading my morning with at least a third of the steps I’ll need for a 10k day. And the weather has finally warmed up enough that some of these steps are outdoors now!

1 completed line art/week

Notes: I’ve realized that I need to post the art here even if it’s incomplete, in order to keep myself from going “well, I’m not going to finish it, so it’s fine if I don’t work on it” No. All progress gets posted from this week forward. I’ll go back and post the incomplete art from last week, too.

Last week I started something heavy on the scale patterns and I wasn’t too pleased with the design of it. So this week I went heavy on the scale patterns with a different style. I like this style more, but I’m still not thrilled. More exploring to do.

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