Public Post!

The idea foun­tain nev­er stops run­ning. Sometimes it’s a trick­le, oth­ers it’s a full-blast fire hose, but it’s always drop­ping thoughts into my lap and I have to set them aside or I’d nev­er fin­ish any­thing!

Recently, the genre of Lit RPG (lit­er­a­ture role play­ing games) has tak­en off and I’ve been read­ing some new work. Lit RPG con­tains sto­ries like Ready Player One, where the pro­tag­o­nist dives into a video game, and the major­i­ty of the plot takes place there. The best books I’ve read con­tain an exter­nal plot (out­side of the game) and an inter­nal one, usu­al­ly linked togeth­er in some way. 

A friend gave me my first rec­om­men­da­tion in Awakened Online, which starts with Catharsis and I sub­se­quent­ly blew through this series as fast as I could. It’s still in progress, so I’m eager­ly await­ing the next book, but the sto­ry so far involves the main char­ac­ter devel­op­ing into a world-ene­my, his mag­ic based in dark­ness, and his pow­er turn­ing things into zom­bies! There are cur­rent­ly 5 books in the series, which com­pris­es three nov­els and two short sto­ries. 

Next up is the series I’m cur­rent­ly read­ing, Archemi Online (you may notice a pat­tern here). The first book is Dragon Seed, which, quite frankly, is a hook that does­n’t pay off until the final chap­ter! I’m less fond of the IRL premise in this series as it seem to be an excuse to get play­ers in game and does­n’t seem to weigh in on the plot at all, but I’ll give it a few more books before I give up hope on that front. 

The next two series I might dive into are Ascend Online and Arcane Ascension (though I’m not even sure the last one is an RPG or just a fan­ta­sy!)

Of course, the more I look into this genre, the more I want to write one of my own. I have some thoughts about a fan­ta­sy litrpg to pub­lish on Tami and some addi­tion­al thoughts about a super­hero litrpg that would go under S.T. Lynn. I’ve been writ­ing those ideas down in the hopes I’ll be able to add one or both projects to my to-do list next year.