Public Post!

So there’s a trope in romance called the Magic Penis aka: Sex Cures All. The basics being: a main char­ac­ter (usu­al­ly female) has a phys­i­cal or men­tal health con­di­tion that she suf­fers ter­ri­bly from, but as soon as she has sex with the love inter­est (usu­al­ly a guy) she’s sud­den­ly cured or the issue is no longer so ter­ri­ble. The mag­ic penis trope is NOT a good one to have in a book. It dimin­ish­es very real ill­ness­es.

But appar­ent­ly Mr. V has a mag­ic penis. I haven’t been feel­ing sexy for weeks thanks to wide­spread pain, but since he and I were inti­mate I’ve had zero pain, zero stiff­ness, zero aches or feel­ings of breath­less­ness. I’ve still been expe­ri­enc­ing drops in my blood pres­sure unex­pect­ed­ly, but those are entire­ly man­age­able when I’m not bedrid­den from pain.

The rheuma­tol­o­gist I saw did­n’t have any answers for me, either. She does­n’t think my symp­toms are signs of some­thing auto-immune, her assess­ment of my anx­i­ety puts me in the top 10% of all patients she’s ever seen, and she does­n’t even think I have Reynauds. Which leaves me, not only with­out an answer for the blood pres­sure, but also lack­ing in man­age­ment of my pre­vi­ous diag­nosies.

Suffice to say I did­n’t have an excel­lent evening.

So my next steps include an appoint­ment with a neu­rol­o­gist (August) and a car­di­ol­o­gist (tbd).

At this point I have no idea what I’m deal­ing with or how to mit­i­gate it. For the moment, my pain is gone, but since I don’t know what trig­gered it to flare up, it could come back at any time. At least now I have a treat­ment to try when it does. XD.

My blood pres­sure issue is affect­ing my day-to-day life. I have to stop what I’m doing to lay down peri­od­i­cal­ly through­out the day, a sit­u­a­tion I can only man­age because I don’t hold a nor­mal office or retail job.

And to top every­thing off, Mr. V and I are prep­ping to buy a car this week­end, because life does­n’t stop when you’re bro­ken.

So that’s the lat­est!