TL;DR: Patron is price-goug­ing you and keep­ing the cash. I’m against this, obvi­ous­ly. Read my 2nd update below for details.Welp, this came out of nowhere.

You may have heard by now, but in case you haven’t, Patreon is alter­ing how they charge the trans­ac­tion fees for patrons (you) and cre­ators (me) in order to pro­vide more trans­paren­cy and con­sis­ten­cy to the process. While I appre­ci­ate the thought, I’m not sure if I agree with the method.

Starting December 18th a small trans­ac­tion fee that I was pre­vi­ous­ly pay­ing will be shift­ed to each of you. This pro­vides me with a larg­er % of the pay­ment pie, but it also means all of your pledges will go up by a mar­gin.

Here are all the grit­ty details:

For the 5$ and 10$ patrons, this isn’t much of a change. Your pledges will go up by less than a dol­lar.

For the 1$ patrons, this will almost dou­ble your pledge, and I can’t do any­thing about it.

Since I offer a great deal of con­tent at the 1$ lev­el, I have the major­i­ty of sup­port at that lev­el, which means most of you will be impact­ed by this.

Here are a few things you should know:

1: If you, for any rea­son at all, need to stop sup­port­ing me in order to keep to your bud­get, please do not hes­i­tate to can­cel your pledge. I will be sad to see you go, but you need to sup­port your­self before you sup­port me. Click the fol­low but­ton to get all my pub­lic posts until you can jump back in.

2: If you have con­cerns about these pledge changes, con­tact Patreon direct­ly: HERE

3: Since this patre­on is run on a month­ly cycle none of you will see any addi­tion­al charges until January First

EDIT: I will con­tin­ue to pro­vide con­tent, books, art, and work as it’s com­plet­ed. These fee changes will not change the struc­ture of this patre­on. I adore each of you!

Edit2: Ok after some sig­nif­i­cant research and talk­ing with a lot of friends who whipped out their excel spread­sheets to do the math, I’m dis­ap­point­ed to report that this change is NOT GOOD for ANYONE in ANY WAY except Patreon the com­pa­ny.

You can find a great write-up of the details here:

1: Those of you who pledge to more than one cre­ator are real­ly get­ting the shaft end of the deal. Starting January 1st you will be sad­dled with fees PER PLEDGE, to cov­er pro­cess­ing and trans­ac­tions.

2: If you pledge at low lev­els: 1, 3, 5, 10– those fees add up to dou­ble or triple what you’re nor­mal­ly charged each month.

I’m already look­ing into alter­nates for Patreon. Kickstarter is releas­ing a new pro­gram ear­ly next year that I’m on the wait­list for. Ko-Fi might be an option.

Ultimately I’d love to bring you all over to my web­site direct­ly: Because if I con­trol the plat­form, I con­trol the fees.

Reminder that noth­ing will affect you until the First of January. I’ll be active­ly look­ing into an alter­na­tive to Patreon start­ing today. Stay tuned for more news and you can always catch me on Twitter.