The Queenships are awake.

Kato Ozark has trained his entire life to be a queenship pilot, chosen by a sentient starship to lead a branch of his family into the future. He has the genetics and the knowledge, he just needs to prove his loyalty to the Ozark family. Not an easy task when his grandmother is the matriarch of the Dhar family and Ozark’s primary rival.

First Engineer Mas’ud wants nothing more than to serve on a queenship and has two degrees to prove it. But he’s not prepared for a queenship to choose him as a co-pilot beside Kato. He has no tactical training, just a deep understanding of the half-organic queenships and what makes them tick.

The queenship Selvans has chosen her pilots, telepathically linked their minds, and now there’s no going back. It’s an arranged marriage no one agreed to, but Kato and Mas’ud will need to learn to work together, and fast. Because the Dhar family wants to claim their grandson and his new queenship. With it, they’d dominate Earthspace and gain the power to rule over humanity.

They’ll do anything to bring Selvans into the family.

Including rewriting her pilots’ memories.

Perihelion is an action-packed epic science fiction M/M romance stuffed with space politics, family feuds, and a huge cast of queer characters.



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Science Fiction, Epic




Transgender male, Cis male


Bisexual, Gay

Content Warnings