Spring Tide

Spring Tide


Cancer is the watercraft-branch of the privatized Zodiac Forces. If you can float a boat, you'll find Cancer operatives on the water investigating. Whiplash and Cardinal are two soldiers off the coast of Italy, hot on the trail of an ivory smuggling gang.

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Cancer is the water­craft-branch of the pri­va­tized Zodiac Forces. If you can float a boat, you’ll find Cancer oper­a­tives on the water inves­ti­gat­ing. Whiplash and Cardinal are two sol­diers off the coast of Italy, hot on the trail of an ivory smug­gling gang.

Instead of ivory, they find a mes­sage in a bot­tle call­ing for help. It’s ten years old and the case is prob­a­bly cold, but Whiplash knows a prop­er adven­ture when she sees one and Cardinal is along for the ride. It gets per­son­al when the trail leads back to the very smug­glers they were track­ing. Both Whip and Cards are kid­napped and the woman who threw that mes­sage in a bot­tle: she locked Cardinal in the for­ward berth of the ship herself.

Was it a trap for the Zodiac women or does the lady pirate want out? Separated from her part­ner and sup­plies, it’s up to Cards to keep it togeth­er and get her­self free. If it means pre­tend­ing to coöper­ate, even pre­tend­ing to fall in love, Cardinal won’t pull any punches.


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