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What’s mov­ing and shak­ing, friends? Things have been going at a fast clip and some­times I feel like I can bare­ly keep up! It’s almost Halloween (???!!!) and I’m still in June. The sched­ule was dis­rupt­ed a while back when Mr. V and I pur­chased a new vehi­cle to replace my very used sat­urn. We now have a beau­ti­ful sub­aru out­back that we both adore, but it also means a car pay­ment where we did­n’t have one before.

So to make sure we had a han­dle on finances I took a month off from ceram­ics (135$), my favorite café (4.20$/visit), and all the miles/gas/wear and tear that 12 hour dri­ve up and down the hill includ­ed. The month off allowed us to take a good look at our income vs expens­es and con­firmed that we were able to afford both the car and my pre­ferred café vis­its. (yay!)

So now my sched­ule is back in place, though slight­ly altered. I take Mondays and Tuesdays at the local cof­fee bean and tea leaf café. They have cheap tea (2.10$ for hot tea, more for fan­cy lattes and such) and the store is only a few blocks from the house. If I did­n’t have a 30 pound bag to lug, I’d prob­a­bly walk the dis­tance!

Wednesdays are my long days with a stand­ing friend-date. I dri­ve up the hill to my favorite café, spend the day writ­ing, hit ceram­ics in the after­noon, then relax with some video games and local friends in the evening. I come home in time to show­er and crash. I love Wednesdays.

Thursday and Friday I dri­ve up to the favorite café, spend a few hours at ceram­ics in the after­noon, and I’m home by 4:30 on Thursday and some­times 3 on Friday. Generally, Mr. V has a half day at work on Fridays so I like to take a short­er day as well.

And then week­ends are stuffed with house chores, gro­ceries, friends, and the occa­sion­al movie on base. I’ve been try­ing to sched­ule a short hike each week­end but we can’t always fit it in! I like to have a DnD ses­sion on Saturday and usu­al­ly Sundays is my writ­ing group and some­times my plan­ner group, too. (Sundays are packed.)

But Saturday and Sunday are strict­ly off-lim­its for writ­ing work, which means by the time Monday dawns I’m DYING to get back into the words. This sched­ule has been in place for about two weeks now, and I think it’s work­ing real­ly well!

Health-wise I’ve tak­en a break from doc­tor vis­its, blood tests, and spe­cial­ist ques­tions. I was­n’t mak­ing any progress on the top­ic of my heart issue/lightheaddedness/syncpal events and I was just car­ry­ing a whole buck­et of anx­i­ety around with me, so no more of that for a while. I don’t have any­thing life-threat­en­ing at the moment and my drugs seem to be hold­ing steady. (I do won­der if my drugs are respon­si­ble for my heart issue, so if they being to fail in the future I’ll talk to my doc about switch­ing)


The WIP list is delight­ful and I come bear­ing great news. I’ve start­ed an unti­tled demon sto­ry I intend to sub­mit to Nine Star Press at the end of November and mem­bers get the raw draft as I’m writ­ing it. The first scene will be post­ed for you right after this update and future updates will come on a once a week sched­ule.

Demons needs a title, but the gen­er­al syn­op­sis is a mage woman and a war­rior ser­aph band togeth­er to fight off a demon incur­sion brought on by the onset of true night, the first time in liv­ing mem­o­ry where all three suns will set. In the dark­ness, demons rise up to feed, and human­i­ty has pro­tect­ed them­selves by light­ing the city and all hous­es where peo­ple live. There are no clos­ets, no tables, no over­hangs. Any shad­ow can man­i­fest a demon, so the com­ing of true night is a ter­ri­fy­ing prospect.

The mage is an asex­u­al char­ac­ter, the war­rior is agen­der, and the two of them are about as oppo­site as they can get. Also fea­tured: a shapeshift­ing badass demon-hunt­ing canine, a mag­ic cult that claims they can save the world, and one over­wrought cap­tain of the guard who just wants a nice hot cup of cof­fee.

If you’re not already a mem­ber, you can join up here (your first month is free) to read the book ear­ly! Members will also receive a free down­load once the book is ready to pub­lish. Art-lev­el mem­bers can look for­ward to some con­cept art that I’ll be pro­vid­ing to the small press as cov­er-art inspi­ra­tion.

After Demons I’ve got Pirates 3 com­ing up right behind. The out­line is done, though I’ll have to review it when I start the text since I’ll have for­got­ten the details. I already have a cov­er so the book is lit­er­al­ly just wait­ing for me to fin­ish words and get them edit­ed. I’m excit­ed about this book since it cov­ers a good por­tion of Araceli’s sto­ry and she’s a fan favorite for the series. In addi­tion, her love inter­est is a black transwoman! <3 Guys, the mod­els for this cov­er are amaz­ing. You’re gonna love it. And like Demons, I’ll be post­ing the work week­ly for you to read along as I write before you get the final edit­ed ver­sion for down­load.

And right in line behind Priates is Sunskimmer, the 2nd Queenships book after Perihelion. I don’t have an out­line, or real­ly even an idea for plot, but my moth­er is dying for the next book and there’s no rea­son to delay giv­ing it to her XD I would LOVE to get this one start­ed before the end of the year, so that’s my goal for now.

Writing ideas past that are always com­ing up and I col­lect them in my idea box fold­er, but I hes­i­tate to plan on writ­ing any­thing since the time­line is so far out. Odds are good the sit­u­a­tion will change by then. 😉 As usu­al.


Alright, this update is already long enough and I haven’t even touched art progress so I’ll break that into anoth­er post for art-lev­el mem­bers. As usu­al, I love you all, adore your faces, and your sup­port is crit­i­cal to my progress. You’re awe­some in every way. Catch me on twit­ter or drop me an email (or com­ment here!) if you want to chat. I’m also on Discord and Slack if you’ve got a channel/server for me to join.

If you’d like to fol­low escapades of my pet rats you can catch them on insta­gram. Insta push­es to face­book, twit­ter, and tum­blr usu­al­ly. If I can con­vince it to go.