This month, Members have fund­ed two amaz­ing things for me. <3 

The first, is a tick­et to the LA Tea Festival in August. This is a two day event with 50 ven­dors, a thou­sand teas, and even class­es on how to serve tea with choco­late or cheese. Have I told you I’m a tea snob? I’m SUCH a tea snob. I have an entire shelf in the pantry just for my con­tain­ers of loose leaf tea and I’m always hunt­ing for more. (got­ta catch ’em all?)

I have opin­ions about tea. I’ve been to sev­er­al tast­ings, I fre­quent­ly go to high tea for my birth­day, and I adore all of the tea-adja­cent para­pher­na­lia I can shop for. I have a TEA-Rex. I’m even brew­ing kom­bucha in a cab­i­net above the refrig­er­a­tor.

I’ve nev­er been to the Tea Festival before, so this’ll be an exciting/overwhelming event, but I’ve man­aged to talk 4 oth­er friends (and Mr. V) into going along. It also occurred to me that I’ve nev­er put tea or tea cer­e­monies or any of the mas­sive cul­ture sur­round­ing tea into any of my sto­ries… so that’s gonna change right away!

/Breaks for an hour while I go find a dozen books on the his­to­ry of tea and cul­ture in China, Japan, an India.

The sec­ond amaz­ing thing is the Space Travelers sto­ry­bun­dle, curat­ed by Kristine Kathryn Rusch. Now, I recent­ly bought a sto­ry bun­dle in April (thanks to Patrons!) and I’m still fin­ish­ing up the last books in that list, so I was­n’t going to pick this one up.

But then I clicked on the link and I saw which authors’ books were includ­ed and that was the end of that.

The list:

  • Fiction River Presents: Space Travelers, Kristine Kathryn Rusch — an anthol­o­gy of sci­fi? Yes please.
  • Boundary Shock Quarterly #3 — Grand Theft Starship — I hap­pen to own this antho already, but that just means I have great taste, right?
  • Clouds of Phoenix, Michèle Laframboise — I know Michele!
  • Sector Justice, Dean Wesley Smith — I don’t have this one, and I should prob­a­bly use mas­ters of the genre for study, right?
  • Incident on a Small Colony, Kristine Smith — I’m not famil­iar with Kristine, so this one is entire­ly new to me.
  • Duplicate Effort, Kristine Kathryn Rusch — dit­to Dean
  • Blastoff!, Robert Jeschonek — dit­to Kristine Smith
  • Partners in Crime — The Misha Kif Chronicles #1, Leigh Saunders — I know Leigh!
  • Fractured Stars, Lindsay Buroker — dammit, there’s a Buroker book? Now I got­ta buy it.
  • WinterStar — Star Tribes Book 1,Blaze Ward — well shit, there’s a Ward book, too. 

/hands over the mon­ey.