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Welcome to Stealing Serenity, a stand alone, erot­ic con­tem­po­rary M/M roman­tic sus­pense. This novel­la is releas­ing one scene/day (week­days) on the blog ahead of pub­li­ca­tion. All chap­ters will be avail­able for free until the book is pub­lished, then they’ll be removed. If you sim­ply can’t wait, the com­plete ebook is avail­able now on the web­store. Paperback and Subtle Cover alter­nate com­ing soon. Expected pub­li­ca­tion: July 5th

July 18, Monday—6:00 p.m.

428 Magnolia Ln, Seaside Court

Gated Community, National City

Kearin had a gen­er­al­ly poor record work­ing with mod­els that had nev­er sub­mit­ted them­selves to bondage before. Even if they had expe­ri­ence under the cam­era while naked, restrain­ing some­one often pushed them past lim­its they did­n’t real­ize they had.

In anoth­er life, Kearin had enjoyed help­ing a man find his lim­its and, if want­ed, to sur­pass them. There was noth­ing more inti­mate than what a man became when exposed at his most vul­ner­a­ble. The trust required to reach that space, and thrive in it, sat­is­fied Kearin to an immense degree. He could­n’t think of any­thing more cap­ti­vat­ing. But while he had lit­tle trou­ble con­nect­ing with men who liked to be tied, it was anoth­er thing entire­ly find­ing some­one com­pat­i­ble in oth­er aspects.

Kearin lay one smooth coil of rope on the floor of his stu­dio and pressed his palm to the weave as if the tac­tile expe­ri­ence could dri­ve his thoughts out of his head. Ruminating on the past would only make him melan­choly and that was not the mood he want­ed to set for tonight. The bind­ing could be his only focus. The pho­tos would reflect his emo­tion­al state; the cam­era was more than a vehi­cle for his vision, it was a chan­nel for express­ing his very soul.

Laying out his ropes and envi­sion­ing the pose he want­ed to cap­ture was much like med­i­ta­tion. His mind qui­et­ed before the ris­ing pur­pose of the evening. Every stray thought fell away, leav­ing only a calm cen­ter Kearin could rely on to keep his body and mind under con­trol. His mod­el, the craft of his ropes, and the pho­tog­ra­phy, all deserved his utmost attention.