What a week. Things have been nuts around here. While I had wifi and inter­net while I was up in Tahoe, I was nev­er actu­al­ly home long enough to write to you guys, so here’s the mas­sive down­load on what I was up to!

Mr V and Gizmo

Best Friend’s Wedding: I was in my bff’s wed­ding on the 29th and she’s the whole rea­son Mr. V and I were up in Tahoe to begin with. She mar­ried a great guy and I haven’t had a chance to fly up to NorCal and see her in years, so it was great to catch up with both of them. The wed­ding was beau­ti­ful, every­one liked my shoes, and it was a great start to our week.

Following the wed­ding, Mr. V and I stayed at an Airbnb in Soda Springs for the rest of the week. Tahoe is busy but small. Donner is even small­er. Soda Springs is TINY. No stop signs, one street tiny. But we stayed in a cute lit­tle cab­in in the woods which worked well as home base for us while we explored the area. We loved stay­ing in the cab­in so much we’ve start­ed look­ing into Custom Log Cabins and how much it would be to cre­ate our own in the woods behind our house! It would be our very own lit­tle escape and it would allow us to watch the stars at night and get in touch with wildlife.

Seasonal Lake Van Norden

Aside from Tahoe and Donner lakes, the area is rid­dled with water, ponds, streams, reser­voirs, even lit­tle sea­son­al bay­ous. Despite being the start of July, there was snow everywhere–the ele­va­tion kept things cool and appar­ent­ly, snow reached the 2nd and 3rd sto­ry of some hous­es this year. When it isn’t snow­ing appar­ent­ly the lakes are nor­mal­ly rid­dled with rafts from American Whitewater Expedition and oth­er com­pa­nies tak­ing peo­ple out for white­wa­ter raft­ing activ­i­ties.

Me under a pride flag at Squaw

We toured the Olympic Village in Squaw, took two days to explore Tahoe City’s down­town shops, had din­ner in Truckee, and spent some time on Donner Lake. We even went horse­back rid­ing. We hit most every entry on the tourist check­list you can with­out snow sports.

Me on Scout. Mr V on Copper

At the end of our stay, we hiked up about 100 yards into the Pacific Crest Trail to perch on the side of a moun­tain­side and watch the 4th of July Donner Lake fire­works. This is by far the best view of fire­works I’ve ever had!

Donner Lake as seen from the Pacific Crest Trail

Both of us love the Tahoe area, so we took full advan­tage of our week up there. We had a kitchen avail­able in the AirBnb, so we man­aged to eat about half our meals at home, which cut the cost sig­nif­i­cant­ly. I had a chance to catch up with old friends and explore some new places and I’ve come back home burst­ing with cre­ative ideas.

Mr V and I don’t often get a chance to get away. This was exact­ly the kind of recharge we both need­ed.

Have you ever been to the Tahoe area? What adven­tures have you enjoyed there? Mr. V wants to buy a vaca­tion home there… you know, after we buy a first home XD