Happy turkey day to all of you who cel­e­brate! I spent mine with fam­i­ly in Loreto, Mexico.

You may have seen me talk about my par­ents on Twitter now and then. They live on a wood­en sail boat called a tyan­na and they cir­cle the Sea of Cortez (that’s between Mexico and Baja) through­out the year, fol­low­ing the sea­son change.

This time of year, they start head­ing south, chas­ing the heat. Last year they berthed the boat and flew back to the states for Christmas and New Years. This year, they flew myself, Mr. V, my younger broth­er, and his girl­friend all down to them where we spent a week in a hotel on the beach snor­kel­ing in clear, warm waters. Apparently, for the next fam­i­ly get­away, it’s been sug­gest­ed that we have a look at accom­mo­da­tion sim­i­lar to the likes of Exceptional Villas and oth­ers have to offer around Mexico for some real pri­vate relax­ation time.

It was both amaz­ing and anx­i­ety induc­ing. The snor­kel­ing off Loreto’s coast is stun­ning, but they have spot­ty wifi at best and my worka­holic self could­n’t check in with cowork­ers or email the entire time.

So I high­ly rec­om­mend it if you ever have a chance to get away and need to unplug.

In my last update I men­tioned my depres­sion drugs were no longer work­ing. I’m hap­py to report that the day before vaca­tion, I vis­it­ed my doc­tor and was giv­en an increased pre­scrip­tion. I’ve been bumped up from 60mg to 90mg of Cymbalta dai­ly and I start­ed the new pills that same day.

Generally, a med (or dosage) change caus­es a week or two of side effects, but I was spend­ing every sin­gle day in the sun, run­ning around Loreto, and enjoy­ing some tru­ly amaz­ing food to notice any­thing else.

Now that I’m back home I can tell the drugs are real­ly, real­ly work­ing. I’ve told my friends that I feel like super­man. Monday (the day after vaca­tion) I cleaned the whole house, went through the whole gar­den, and was social in the evening. Yesterday I made a roast in the crocpot. I haven’t been able to cook us a meal in over a year. Today I’m back at the café for my usu­al work­day and we’re sup­posed to play DnD tonight.

All of that in such a short span of time would have been unthink­able two weeks ago. I feel so much bet­ter I’m not sure I can prop­er­ly mea­sure it.

However, I do remem­ber this boost­ed effect hap­pen­ing the last time I got a dosage increase so I’m on the alert. The moment it seems to be fad­ing or I have bout of exhaus­tion I’ll be call­ing up my doc­tor again. I already have a fol­low-up sched­uled for mid December.

My depres­sion real­ly sneaks up on me slow­ly. It’s hard to see com­ing and easy to ratio­nal­ize the symp­toms away with­out notic­ing. When I’m inside that space it’s almost impos­si­ble to see how bad it is because I can’t com­pare it to yes­ter­day. Yesterday was pret­ty much the same, right? This is just an off day. Tomorrow will be bet­ter. And then there are just enough good days to con­vince me some­thing might be wrong, but it’s prob­a­bly just some­thing, some­thing, ignore it. Setting an issue aside ’for lat­er’ is anoth­er symp­tom of mine.

You can see how this cycle does­n’t lend itself well to cor­rec­tion.

Of course, it’s easy to see all this now that I’m on a new-dose high, so I’m going to be track­ing my symp­toms in my bul­let jour­nal going for­ward in an attempt to self-assess more objec­tive­ly weath­er the drugs are still work­ing.

It’s real­ly great to be back, both from Loreto and that fog­gy place that depres­sion puts me, and I’m look­ing for­ward to work­ing. 😉