Public Post!

Have you ever felt like you need­ed a vaca­tion after your vaca­tion? I’ve just returned from a week-long trip to Colorado that I start­ed plan­ning back in 2016. A col­lege friend of mine lives in the Springs and it has been FAR too long since I’ve seen her. The trip includ­ed a spon­ta­neous DnD game where I played the vil­lain, a trip to the ren faire, sev­er­al shop­ping tours, a trip to the Zoo, and more than one birth­day BBQ, It was a whirl­wind of busy and now that I’m back I might need to sleep for two days before I get back on my feet.

Total breaks away from cre­ative work are nec­es­sary, though. It’s easy to get into a rut, or even a block, when faced with the same tasks day after day. I’m also a worka­holic. It takes a lot of effort for me to put down the com­put­er and pick up a paint­brush instead. So an entire week off? That does­n’t hap­pen.

However, in the mid­dle of my break I start­ed dream­ing about writ­ing, and the idea foun­tain that had less­ened to a trick­le, came back at full blast.

I had a chance to watch tv shows I don’t nor­mal­ly sit down to see. I read six books. Six! I even had pet ther­a­py with my friend’s dog. We took naps on the couch togeth­er after busy days. There was a hail storm before I left that threw golf­balls at the house 0.0 And for years now, my friend has been try­ing to con­vince me to move out with her; since the cost of liv­ing is so much cheap­er, we’re seri­ous­ly con­sid­er­ing it.

I’m ready to dive back into projects, though. I have a list of art I’d like to work on, and I’m cur­rent­ly out­lin­ing book 3 of An Act of Piracy. Mr. V and I are going to start a Pirates of the Caribbean marathon tonight.