Back in April, Members fund­ed a sto­ry­bun­dle for me of busi­ness books and lec­tures. The first round of reviews can be found here. This is the sec­ond.

  • Beginning Marketing For The Professional Publisher — Blaze Ward

While tech­ni­cal­ly this was­n’t part of the sto­ry­bun­dle (I picked it up for my birth­day!) it still fits in this list­ing and I’m VERY glad I grabbed it. Nothing in this book is par­tic­u­lar­ly new infor­ma­tion, but it is all spread out in a beau­ti­ful to-do list that prompt­ly made me revis­it some organ­i­sa­tion here on the web­site. I will go back through this to dis­till into notes. Highly rec­om­mend.

  • The Rational Writer A to Z — Mindy Klasky

This is a 101 lev­el book, maybe even an ’intro for absolute novices’ lev­el book. While it was­n’t help­ful for me at this stage, it is very well writ­ten and orga­nized rather delight­ful­ly. It cov­ers a vast range of sub­jects and is a sol­id entry in the ’how to author’ genre.

  • Practical Meerkat’s 52 Bits of Useful Info — Laura Anne Gilman

Like above, this book is a 101 or 102 lev­el block of info, and more of it is geared toward tra­di­tion­al pub­lish­ing than indie, which makes it part of a venn dia­gram with lit­tle inter­sec­tion with me. However, it is an easy read and since each essay is only a few pages long, it’s great for grab­bing a bite between episodes of life.

  • How to Launch A Magazine For Professional Publishers — Blaze Ward

Again, not strict­ly part of the Storybundle, but this book sur­prised me! I was­n’t plan­ning on cre­at­ing a quar­ter­ly mag­a­zine (ever) but now I’m seri­ous­ly con­sid­er­ing this as a goal for 2020. A quar­ter­ly queer fantasy/sf mag­a­zine. This book lays it all out, from the ini­tial pro­pos­al to the con­tracts to the mon­ey. I love it.

  • The Intermediate Professional Storyteller — Leah Cutter

I knew this book was going to be gold when I picked it up and I was right. I took notes right from the start and loved every page. There are a dozen tech­niques in here, all of them great to pro­pel a writer to new heights. Some of them I knew about and need to prac­tice, oth­ers were new to me. Brilliant.

That wraps up the busi­ness books in the sto­ry­bun­dle (plus a few oth­ers). I’m immense­ly pleased with this pur­chase and have the mem­bers here entire­ly to thank for it. There are a few books in this set that I will go back to, either to take notes or just to refresh.

I know this sto­ry­bun­dle will come around again next year and I’m already curi­ous to see what new things I’ll be able to learn from that. In the mean­time, what are your favorite indie busi­ness books? Drop a com­ment and I’ll check them out!