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Welcome to Tidewater, a small town on the west coast nestled between the ocean and the mountains. Life’s problems seem smaller here, surrounded by sun and sand. Browse the complete Tidewater series of novellas for a love that will last a lifetime. Read in any order, enjoy steaming hot men who find each other when they need love the most, and sink into some happily ever after.

In Dawn Patrol, a surfer falls for an artist and shares the magic of a dolphin swim. In Remaking Josh, a snowstorm drives two unlikely men together to heal from old wounds. In Rough Recall, a man comes home and reconnects with his first love looking for a second chance. In Wild Untouched, a photographer is rescued in the woods by an ex marine looking for a new life.

Tidewater is a bundle of 4 small town M/M romance stories, now available in a single volume. AI audio is coming soon!

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It's a brand new newsletter

Welcome to the new iteration of this newsletter. As my business grows and changes, so too does this letter! Long time readers have seen a few changes and I’m happy to bring you some details about these ones.

First: the newsletter will now reach you once a week. I have a lot of information and projects to share with you and I noticed the last few emails in December got quite long. Going forward, you’ll see a shorter newsletter every Thursday with details on different books and promos.

Second: This year I’m participating in a Round Robin, where each month I bring you a free paranormal romance download from a different author. You’ll find this month’s download below!

Third: I will be bringing back monthly coupons to my webstore! If you haven’t taken a look, all my ebooks and audio are available directly from me at Some of them are cheaper than retail. More ebooks, audio, and soon paperback and hardbacks will be available every month and I’ll point out what’s on sale so you can get a good deal.

And Fourth: a reminder that for 3$/month on Patreon you can support these stories that I write and have access to an additional weekly process blog: what I wrote this week, what I tackled in business, and what’s coming next. Every month, you’ll receive the newest release in both ebook and audio as well as first looks at upcoming novels. 

Direct support either on my webstore or through Patreon is the most impactful way to keep these stories coming! Later in the year I will be serializing some stories for early access on Patreon, so keep an eye open.



Round Robin February: Fool's Folly, an M/F/M

Finding my soulmate might cost me my soul.

The moment I met Deva Rainsong, she took something precious from me. Now she needs more, and the crazy thing is, I just might give it to her.

I can’t deny the attraction sizzling between us, nor how badly I miss the touch of her new mate, Rohan. Ursa males mate in pairs, so what if he’s a dragon? I always believed when it happened, we’d do it together. But now she’s chosen him, not me, and the rogue alpha in me isn’t happy. I still want them both, but claiming them might mean giving up a piece of my very soul. 

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A little cover teaser for you all. I just finished drafting this NOVEL on Tuesday. Yes, I said before it would be a novella, but the aliens had other plans. With all those extra arms, accomodations had to be made. Be the first to get your hands on this book by preordering Aliens on Earth for only .99

Red Stars Crossed Teaser, an M/M Alien Romance

The red alien—did these guys have names?—caught Gunner’s eyes again, and again their gold flashed to red. It was like the creature could light a fire inside of Gunner's body with just a glance.

They were aliens. Maybe he could.  

To his left, Noah and Har’ow reached toward each other. They grabbed each other's forearm, a warrior's agreement, and Gunner realized he'd missed most of the diplomacy.
He forced himself to refocus. Muscle-bound red aliens were not on his dance card today.

But then the two groups moved toward each other and Gunner realized introductions were happening. His eyes snapped back to Red. He stood at least seven feet tall. Eight. Gunner had to look up before they even came close to one another.  

The army was full of guys two hundred plus pounds, six and a half feet tall. Gunner wasn't one of them. He maxed out At five eleven. Oman could probably bench press Gunner by himself. But Gunner had never been intimidated by the larger guys around him.

He was intimidated now.

Red wasn't just tall, he was lined with the kind of muscle an Olympic weightlifter should have. Between the claws and the extra arms, Gunner swallowed hard. Red could tear him in half without trying.

It made Gunner feel small, and he wasn't sure what he thought of that.

Red held out his arm, one of four, wrist the size of a metal pole, four blunt fingers with pointed black claws. Gunner stared for a moment too long. He wrenched his hand off of his Monarch and grabbed the forearm the way he had seen Noah do.
Red hissed. 

Gunner's eyes snapped back up to his face. Way up.

“My name is Sav’ge.”

Gunner blinked. The language was like nothing he'd ever heard. If a lizard or a snake could speak, this was it. His earbud translated quickly, but it was still surprising to communicate with an alien. 

“Gunner. ” He cleared his throat. “My name is Gunner. You are very large.” Gunner felt his face flush again. 

You can preorder Aliens on Earth, a charity anthology to support St. Jude, and you’ll be among the first to read Red Stars Crossed when it releases in May! The independent release of this book will happen in early 2024.



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