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Red Stars Crossed – A Teaser

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Red Stars Crossed is book 1 in the DragonFire Soul Mates series. This is a spicy M/M Alien romance series being published on my penname London Kemaker. The book will be published first in the Aliens on Earth anthology, which you can preorder to support St. Judes. Solo release is scheduled for early 2024.

If you missed the first teaser, you can learn how Gunner and Sav’ge meet HERE.

Given the size of the aliens, Gunner almost expected the inside of the ship to be larger than the outside . Alas, the physics appeared normal. Much like a submarine, every possible interior space was accounted for and utilized. The entryway spilled into several rows of large seating, themselves stationed behind what were clearly a pilot and copilot’s chair at the front with a large, curved window to see out. A hallway in the other direction split into several rooms and was, of course, built to Drakkon sizes. Three people could stand across in the hallway and not touch shoulders.

Gunner moved down the hall, peering into what proved to be storage and electronics rooms. At the end of the hall was a Drakkon-sized barracks, with stacked bunks and trunks at the end of each bed.

It was here Sav’ge found him, shoved him from behind between two bunks so they were out of view of the hall, and pressed him against the wall, all knees and claws.

Gunner spread his hands on the wall, peering over his shoulder at the massive Drakkon behind him. His heart raced with adrenaline and he itched to pull his Hook, but Sav’ge’s dry breath on the back of his neck also made Gunners cock instantly hard. Frankly it was all very confusing.

Sav’ge’s claws pricked through Gunner’s shirt, on the edges of his armored vest.

“Listen to me very carefully,” Sav’ge said with a low growl.

Gunner’s breath hitched.

“You can’t keep us from leaving.” Sav’ge lifted a hand and stroked one black claw down Gunners cheek . “You can’t stop us from doing anything.” Savage shoved his knee between Gunner’s legs to spread them. “We’re bigger. We’re stronger. We have power you can’t imagine.”

Heat flared where Sav’ge’s hands pressed into Gunner.

Gunner tried very hard not to grind against the wall. Did the alien know what he was doing to him? Did he even understand arousal?

Sav’ge hissed and his forked tongue flickered, tasting the air. Then he chuckled deeply.

Oh, he understood.

How good was a Drakkon’s sense of smell?

Sav’g’s pinning hand pressed him harder against the wall. One of the other three gripped Gunner’s thigh and very slowly dragged the claws upward toward his ass.

Gunner couldn’t help but squirm. His cock throbbed in his pants and with a little more attention this was going to get very messy very quickly. “What… do you want?”

One of Savage’s hands tracked down Gunner’s side to his hip. “Do you want me to stop?”

Gunner shook his head and whispered, “Don’t stop.” His knees went a little weak. He’d known from the first glance that Sav’ge could take control. But so soon? It made Gunner’s head spin.

“Answer my questions and I will continue.” Sav’ge leaned closer and Gunner got an eyefull of hooked teeth. They sent shivers down his spine. “Is there land on this planet your government does not control?”

“All… all the land is controlled by someone. If not our government, then another one.” Really? He wanted to talk diplomacy? Now?

Sav’ge moved the claws on Gunner’s thigh up to his ass and squeezed. A reward.

“Where can we go that your government will not bother us?”

Gunner hissed as the gripping hands tightened. “Nowhere. Nowhere.” The squeezing paused. Was Sav’ge going to stop? Gunner’s eyes fluttered closed. He didn’t want it to stop. “You can make it complicated If you land in the middle of a city though.”

Another clawed hand grabbed his other ass cheek and squeezed, grinding Gunner into the wall while the first stayed firmly on his shoulder. Having four hands was absolutely unfair.

“Tell me more. How do we make it complicated? We need time.”

“Ah, ah I don’t know.” The hands on Gunners ass disappeared. Gunner’s head spun. “Wait, wait. If you stay out of sight so the public doesn’t know about you, but you’re still in the middle of a city, that would be weird for the government to deal with. They don’t want to let people know you exist.”

The claws came back. They squeezed Gunner’s reward. The hand on Gunner’s hip inched around toward the front. Gunner panted against the wall, hot as fire and uncaring if Sav’ge knew it. Just a little more to the right…

“Tell me exactly where to land this ship.” Sav’ge flicked his tongue onto Gunner’s neck. He whispered, “Tell me where and I will… ” Sav’ge’s hips shoved into Gunner’s ass and something bulged there Gunner hadn’t seen before. Something very prominent.

Oh fuck.

His entire body throbbed.

No one had ever focused on him like this. It was overwhelming.

“City–City Park. Big open space, probably 100 acres, some of it is forest. But it’s right in the middle of the city which means the military can’t just move in. You guys have antigravity, do you have stealth? Can you go invisible? You can probably hide there for a while.”

“City Park…?” Sav’ges hips rocked into Gunner’s ass, grinding that delicious length the entire way.

Gunner’s cock leaked. He could feel it, trapped between his thigh and the wall, thick and heavy. Ready.
“Yes, Ether City Park.”

God, he was ready.

“Thank you, Gunner.” Sav’ge nipped his razor teeth at Gunner’s ear. Gunner herd the ivory click together.

Then Sav’ge was gone.