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Thank you and welcome to the Vampire Blood Wars release list. This is a temporary list strictly for M/M/M/M/M gay harem vampire fans who want to know more about each book in this 10-novella series before it's released. I'll be sending out periodic emails with early access chapters and extra scenes that simply didn't make it into the final draft. I'm glad you're on this journey with me and, as always, you can unsub from the list at the bottom of any email at any time.

Vampire Mated will first release in a multi-author anthology of vampire novellas!







Vampire Mated is a spicy 20k M/M gay harem paranormal romance featuring a vampire left for dead and a human willing to turn fate aside to save him. He will collect his harem as the series progresses and the enemies set against them grow. If you like your vampires vicious and your love to leave teeth marks, this series is for you.

Vampire Blood Wars: Denver, Cover Art

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