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2/23/24 Friday Update

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This week I tried something new and had to spend a day recovering. I’m trying to do more of my writing through dictation. I want to reduce the amount of hours I spend typing, but also see if I can use it to speed up my writing process. It’s a thing that takes time, however, and there are a lot of variables to test. This week I went for a walk out on a local trail for about an hour. I expected to need downtime when I came back in (it was a longer walk than I normally do), but I ended up with no spoons at all the next day.

I rested and read the new Anita Blake book (excellent) which put me back on track for Thursday, but now I’ve got to figure out: was I exhausted from the distance? From walking and dictating at the same time? From being outside alone and hit with autistic overwhelm? I don’t know yet, and there’s more testing to be done!

Admin work this week mostly involved clearing out the email. It’s time to start collecting paperwork and pieces for doing taxes. I’ve also closed signups for Membership for now while I overhaul the system to work with woocommerce. It’ll be a simpler system for Members and much less confusing since it’ll use the same account and checkout process as the webstore.


10k steps/day – my step goal is inching upward in the mid 8k’s now and while the weather is great it’s been pretty easy to hit. Took a break on wednesday, but got back on the horse thursday.

1k new words/day – This one has been harder this week. On the one hand, dictation allows me to get a bunch of words in a short amount of time, on the other hand, I really didn’t expect to take a day off on Wed after Monday was a holiday. Not feeling thrilled with this goal this week, but I am making progress, even if it’s slower.

1 new line art/week – When in doubt, draw fanart!

fan art of Toothless from HTTYD

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