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Goal Tracking: Week 2

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Goals tracking! There are three major goals I’m tracking this year for both personal and business improvement. Comment below with your goals and how you did this week.

1k words/workday:

Monday: 1683
Tuesday: 1200
Wednesday: 2053 – finished a short story!
Thursday: 530 – started outlining the next one
Friday: 300

Notes: I finished a short story and sent it in to the editor, so it’s expected that my wordcount dropped the following days. Writing an outline involves a lot more thinking about things than writing about things, but it’s part of my process! I’m really pleased with this week’s results.

10k steps/day

Monday: 6693
Tuesday: 6725
Wednesday: 6502
Thursday: 7079
Friday: 1252
Saturday: 6122
Sunday: 6325

Notes: Started the week off strong, hitting my step goal every day. Friday was really tough as I had a health flare up and chose to rest and recover. That worked well since the weekend went strong and I hit my goal both days. This coming week I’m going to try pushing to 7k more than once!

1 completed line art/week

Notes: I’ve been watching the birds at my feeder for weeks, now, and I’ve decided to draw a few dragons based on my local birds. This first one is a downey woodpecker (male) and here’s a photo to go with it!

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