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Friday Update 1/19/24

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Friday Update 1/19/24

A lot has happened this week and almost all of it is the kind of admin work that no one tells you is necessary when they say “hey, you’re really good at this, have you thought about publishing a book?”

First: my unnamed Hellhound short story is marching along. I’m half way through it with every expectation of finishing next week. This one will be submitted to Camden Park Press for their upcoming anthology Street Magic 2. Lyn, the editor, has purchased from me several times in the past, including for Street Magic 1, but I’m still going to ask you all to cross your fingers when the time comes. Sometimes the story is great, but it doesn’t fit the mix of others that have been submitted.

Also progressing this week is my next batch of short stories to publish. Feb, March, and April all have back cover copy and text in their formatting files. Next week I’ll polish those up and put them through my compiler, Jutoh, to create final files for publishing. Over the holiday, another formatting tool called Atticus offered a lifetime deal on their software and I grabbed that, so the next round of shorts will go through Atticus instead. I just wasn’t ready to learn a whole new program so soon.

Website and Membership progress inches forward. There is now a Perks page for members to browse the serial stories and other members-only bonuses that will start building up in the archive of the blog. It’s a bit bare right now since things are just ramping up, but that will change very shortly. I’ve started scheduling member-only content on the blog every Wednesday. The first several weeks will be short stories, then as I continue writing new work I will start posting chapter-by-chapter from the novels and novellas I have planned this year.

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