What The Sun Sees

What The Sun Sees


Catlali wants a big paycheck for the upcoming holiday, and Mx. Crane has just the job she's looking for. An experimental box meant to capture unstable hydrogen in a volatile star system. The risk: mortal. The reward: monumental. Catlali is eager to fly.

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The Crane Family is a small pow­er on a big stage with one crit­i­cal asset: Central Warp Station. For a price, any fam­i­ly can warp to well-known star sys­tems at the heart of the galaxy to har­vest the hydro­gen their Queenships need to fly. But Crane won’t stay small for long.

Catlali wants a big pay­check for the upcom­ing hol­i­day, and Mx. Crane has just the job she’s look­ing for. An exper­i­men­tal box meant to cap­ture unsta­ble hydro­gen in a volatile star sys­tem. The risk: mor­tal. The reward: mon­u­men­tal. Catlali is eager to fly.

File this mis­sion under SNAFU.


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