Zero Day Exploit

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Asher “The Hunter” Hunt left black hat hack­ing for the safer work of IT secu­ri­ty three years ago and hasn’t looked back. He’s a law-abid­ing cit­i­zen now, try­ing to for­get the mis­takes he made in the past. His lat­est job deals with a mort­gage com­pa­ny, and even though they sent a burly secu­ri­ty guard along, Asher doesn’t need anyone’s pro­tec­tion. He’s too much of a geek to be friends with a jock, so the heat he feels in his veins isn’t going to go any­where.

Connar James is try­ing to find the right kind of thrill that he left behind while he was sta­tioned over­seas. His mind and body are a primed weapon, he just needs to be point­ed at a bad guy. This job with a legal hack­er is not it, even if the man him­self is just Connar’s type: lanky, firm, and loy­al. He’s not look­ing for any­thing com­pli­cat­ed, though, so it’s bet­ter to keep his hands off the asset.

But the work isn’t what it seems, and Asher real­izes he’s been played. Connar is ready to jump at the threat to defend what’s his, but Asher hes­i­tates. Is it so bad to step into the black-hat world of hack­ers and con­men if it’s for a good cause? If they’re going to catch a thief, it’s going to take more than a com­put­er nerd and his body­guard. It will take a team. And Asher knows just the peo­ple for the job.