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Friday Update 1/26/24

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Friday Update 1/26/24

Progress was made this week! I’ve finished and submitted a Hellhounds short story to an anthology for consideration. Cross your fingers for me! I think it’s a good one.

I’ve also tackled the initial stages of publishing for the next three short stories. Preorder will be populating in all the stores over the next couple of days. Anyone interested in getting them early can find all three listed on the web store: To Heaven And Back Again (an alt history steampunk scifi), A Brand New Day (a scifi horror), and Carrot Cake (a contemporary horror).

I’ve started the AI audio, but I realize I have to make cover art, so more work will be done there next week. I’m also checking on my contemporary romance Rough Recall. I have a note in my to-do list that it didn’t end up on all stores when I went wide, so I’m following up on that. (Which, oh look, I can’t link to the webstore because it’s not there! Gotta fix that.)

Next week is also my last full week of work before Superstars conference in Colorado! I’ll be driving out on Monday the 5th and really looking forward to meeting up with old friends. It will be a week full of learning and talking and people, which will be exhausting but oh, so, fun.

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