Dawn Patrol — Tami Veldura

Zach left small town Edenburg ten years ago. He got out, went to school in Tidewater, start­ed a busi­ness, and nev­er for­got his first love, Mason Gilbert. When he hears Mason’s moth­er has died of a stroke, he drops every­thing to help his best friend get through it. But Zach left for a rea­son.

Since Zach aban­doned him, Mason has man­aged to make a small space for him­self. He hides his sex­u­al­i­ty and, in return, no one brings it up. It’s a sys­tem that works just fine until his past comes charg­ing back in an off-white Bronco to save the day. Mason doesn’t need sav­ing and Zach’s unwant­ed pro­tec­tion is unrav­el­ing the life he made.

Tidewater sent Zach back to Mason when Mason need­ed him most, but Mason is los­ing clients and cred­i­bil­i­ty. People are choos­ing sides. Zach thought he was com­ing back for hap­pi­ly ever after, but he’s start­ing to feel like the big bad wolf.


Coming September 8th!

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