Cinder Ella — S.T. Lynn

Ella is trans­gen­der. She’s known since she was young; being a woman just fit bet­ter. She was hap­pier in skirts than trousers, but that was before her step­mother moved in. Eleanor can’t stand her, and after Ella’s father passes she’s forced to revert to Cole, a lump of a son. She cooks, she cleans, and she tol­er­ates being called the wrong name for the sake of a roof over her head. Where else can she go?

An oppor­tu­nity to attend the royal ball trans­forms Ella’s life. For the first time, strangers see a woman when she walks down the stairs. While Princess Lizabetta invited Cole to the ball, she doesn’t blink an eye when Cinderella is the one who shows. The princess is ele­gant, bold, and every­thing Ella never knew she wanted. For a moment she glimpses a world that can accept her, and she holds on tight.

She should have known it wouldn’t last. Dumped by her wicked step­mother on the far­thest edge of the king­dom, Ella must find a way to let go of the princess and the beau­ti­ful life they shared for an hour. She’ll never find her way back. But it’s hard to for­get the great­est night of her life when every rose she plants is a reminder.

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I really, really love this twist on a tra­di­tional fairy tale. It’s awe­some to see a trans* romance… I hope there are more to fol­low!