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Zodiac: Inception Part 88

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This flash fiction is part of a series. Follow Alex Drake from the day he joins Zodiac, through the trials of basic training, broken and mended hearts, to the day he becomes Motocross, elite Scorpio sniper. Start at Part One.

Part 88
Content warning: explicit, D/s

Lance moved him with care so he lay on the bed, a pillow under his head. Alex could only pant for air. His arms and legs didn't work. He couldn't even blink properly. Lance kissed his swollen lips. "My great little dragon." He stood. "I'll be right back."

Taylor lay down beside him with patience. He slid his fingers through Alex's hair and half-laughed. "Fucking hell, Alex. Just... fuck. That is going to fuel my right hand for years."

Alex wanted to smile at him, but the only thing on his docket was the next breath. His erection began to subside and even that twinge of soreness couldn't make an appointment as a wince. He swallowed and everything felt limp from lips to chest.

Taylor fell silent but his hand wandered around Alex's skin, prickling and warm. Alex couldn't judge how long they lay like that, but Lance returned with sweats on and a mug in his hand. "Sit up." He said to Taylor. "Hold this." He passed the mug over and leaned into Alex. "Alright, don't fall asleep on me yet."

Lance squeezed himself onto the bed between the pillow and Alex. Framed in by knees and shoulders, Alex reclined against his broad chest. Lance held the mug up. Alex tried to take a gulp but Lance barely let the liquid touch his skin. Mint tea tingled and Alex licked his lips. Little by little, Lance helped him drink, first in drops, then in small sips as Alex felt his heart settle down. His breath calmed.

The tea soothed the stretch of his throat and the abuse Lance inflicted. Lance and Taylor's constant stroke of his skin kept him awake to finish the mug. When it was done Alex let his head fall into Lance's neck. He tried to speak. Air rushed out but no voice with it. He tried again but his lips moved over nothing.

All along his body he felt Lance chuckle deeply. "That is how you use a blowjob."

Taylor laughed, "A blowjob?" He scoffed. "That was so much more than a blowjob. The kind of trust he has in you to let go like that? To let you control even when he gets to breathe? That's some incredible shit. And you, reading him like a goddamn book. That constant check through your hands so you knew exactly what he was feeling. I don't even..."

Ah, Alex wanted to say. So that's how he does it.

"I wanted to fuck him. Maybe get fucked by you if you were into it. But I had no idea. The read you two have on each other is so tight. It's like magic."

Something cold dripped onto Alex's stomach. He jumped; every muscle freaked out and complained. "Easy," Lance soothed him with long strokes of his hand. "What was that?"

Taylor's weight wobbled the bed. Then, "Shit, Alex, you hit the fucking ceiling."


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Original Photo by Damian Gadal

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Guess Who's Going To Rainbow Con?

April 16 through the 22 I will be AFK and so very, very stoked to be at the inaugural year of RainbowCon in Tampa, FL. The Monday update of Inception is scheduled and will go up at its usual time. At the conference there are 4 things happening at any given hour, which means there's a lot of content I can't see simply because I can't be in two places at once. For the curious, here's the schedule of events I'm looking at attending:

16th - Fly into Tampa. Grocery shopping. Local flavor.

17th - Thursday
Check into the conference some time in the morning
1PM: Marketing 101 or Blending Erotica and Genre Fiction (I'm leaning toward blending)
2PM: So you want to be an artist
3PM: Writing diversity
4-6: Author panels- unspecified authors so currently this is free time
6-8: Dinner! Somewhere! New friends?
8-10: Welcome event at the hotel, goody bags, strippers, good times

18th - Friday
10AM: Roundtable: Paranormal Romance
11AM: Workshop: Contracts
12PM: Lunch!
1-2PM: Author panels- unspecified authors so currently this is free time
3PM: Taboos in Romance
4PM: Workshop: Editing
5PM: Roundtable: BDSM
6-7PM: Dinner!
8-10PM: Party!

19th - Saturday
10AM: Writing Trans* & Genderqueer characters
11AM: When two won't do: Polyamorous fiction
12PM: Lunch!
1-2PM: Author signings
3PM: Queer Ink: Writing QUILTBAG comics
4PM: Behind the curtain: An inside look @ publishing
5PM: Gameshow: naughty Jeopardy!
6PM: Dinner!
7-1PM: Ybor & Honeypot

20th - Sunday
10AM: Sex toys in Erotic fiction
11AM: Game: cards against humanity
12PM: Lunch!
1PM: Game: Munchkin
2-4PM: Closing ceremonies

21st - Monday
Recovery and/or Disneyworld?

22nd - Tuesday
Fly home.

Are you going to RainbowCon? Shoot me an email and let's meet up!

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Zodiac: Inception Part 87

Original photo by jGlidePhotoATL
This flash fiction is part of a series. Follow Alex Drake from the day he joins Zodiac, through the trials of basic training, broken and mended hearts, to the day he becomes Motocross, elite Scorpio sniper. Start at Part One.

Part 87
Content Warning: explicit, D/s, breathplay

Taylor and Alex both clambered onto the mattress. They threw the comforter off the foot of the bed and positioned themselves per Lance's instruction.

Alex lay on his back, his head barely hung off the side of the bed watching Lance upside-down. Taylor crouched against the wall at Alex's feet and settled in between his legs. Alex lifted his head to grin at Taylor, "Touch me."

He did, leaning up to rub his erection against Alex's, playing with gentle pressure. Alex arched up and his head fell back down. "Lance." The man stood naked at the dresser. All Alex could see was the dark expanse of one thigh and ass cheek. He reached up to touch.


"I want Taylor's cock. I need him inside me."

"Fuck." Taylor bit the inside of Alex's thigh. Their rutting became slick with precome.

"And what does Taylor think about this?"

Taylor's head jerked up from Alex's thigh and his voice scratched, "Please, sir. Please let me fuck him."

Lance hummed as he considered. A wrapped condom hit Taylor in the chest. It landed on Alex's stomach. Taylor snatched it up. "Shit, yes." He tore into the wrapper.

Lance lunged across the bed. His hand grabbed Taylor by the jaw and slammed him against the wall. He straddled Alex's head, one knee on the bed. Lance's cock shined with lube and hung half-hard over Alex's chin. He ran his hands up Lance's thighs and parted the muscle at the top. Alex swallowed both hanging balls with a groan.

The contact did nothing to soften Lance's growl. "I allow you to touch him. Without me you get nothing, is that clear?"

"Yes, sir."

"I'm the only one that gets to know him bareback."

Alex hummed at the thought and the balls in his mouth tightened. Alex slid his hands farther up and explored Lance's ass. He found the hole there already slick. Alex worked two fingers inside.

Taylor said, "Yes, sir." A heartbeat of muffled sound. Then panting, "Thank you, sir."

Lance stood up, pulling himself free of Alex's hands and mouth with gentle insistence. "So eager, today." Lance stroked his jaw and cheek, "Taylor is going to pound your ass hard and steady," Lance looked up at Taylor and Alex followed his stare. "But he's not going to come before me."

Taylor pushed the condom down his erection. A nod accompanied his faulty, "Yes, sir." Alex smiled at his flushed cheeks and slightly wild hair.

Alex dropped his head down and reached for Lance's hips. He felt Taylor's slick arousal nudge his hole and breach gently. Rocking.

Lance stroked his cock across Alex's lips. Back and forth. "Too slow, Taylor. One stroke. All the way."

"I don't want to hurt him."

"Then you're missing the point." Lance pushed his tip past Alex's lips and rested it there. Alex licked and sucked what he could reach, probing the hole with the tip of his tongue. "Once you get your head in, all you have to do is lean." Alex took a breath and relaxed. Lance's cock slid straight down his throat with less effort than usual. "Oh, yeah." Lance said. "That looks even better than I thought." His broad hand palmed gently down the thin skin of Alex's throat. He felt Lance massage himself through the wall of his throat.

Alex wanted to moan but he had no room for air. He arched closer, instead and pushed his hands up to Lance's ass, gripping.

Taylor committed. With Lance filling his throat, Alex felt every centimeter of Taylor's cock drive home in a single thrust. Full on both ends. Alex arched between them and felt his chest heave in an effort to express just how fucking high he felt.

Alex spread Lance's ass and thrust two fingers inside the slick space. Lance backed out far enough for Alex to express a blast of breath with his voice, then Lance leaned back in. Taylor mimicked on the other end. Lance set a particular pace, each retreat only long enough for Alex to either breathe in or out, but not both.

Alex felt Taylor sit up. He grabbed Alex's legs behind the knee and angled him to his preference. On Lance's next pull Alex groaned his approval. Two fingers up Lance's hole was all he could manage with so much action everywhere else. He dug into Lance's prostate and milked the nub with ferocious attention.

Lance panted. He grabbed Alex's neck tightly, thrusting into the pressure of his own hand around Alex's throat. Alex dug his fingers into Lance's cheek with his next thrust. Harder. Taylor matched the new power, nailed every lovely spot and made Alex's erection bounce.

Thrusts into Alex's mouth shortened. No more air. Lance grunted every thrust. He shoved his hips into Alex's face as he came, pulsing into his throat. Alex didn't even attempt to swallow. He enjoyed the ripple of Lance's cock on his tongue even as his own chest began to heave- inducing suction around Lance's climax.

Lance stroked his cock through Alex's throat and stayed put. "You're fucking beautiful." Lance's hand slid down to Alex's bucking chest.

He felt his fingers start to tingle but just hugged Lance close while Taylor continued to use his ass. He felt his eyes flutter closed and wished someone would touch his cock.

"Hey, back up, man, he can't breathe." Lance moved. From Alex's position all he felt was a stretch in the torso above him.

"That's the point. It's your turn. He doesn't get air until you come."


In his throat, Lance's cock began to soften in slow degrees. The lesser stretch brought some relief but he still couldn't breathe. Alex felt Taylor's rhythm change. His smaller hand slid around Alex's hip for a different grip.

A hand touched Alex's erection. Soft. Barely there. Two fingers pinched his tip and caressed. Alex tensed from head to toe, fighting climax.

Taylor barked a shout as he came. Alex saw sparks across his closed eyes.

In one motion Lance slid himself out and supported Alex's neck and head as he lifted him into a sitting position. Taylor slipped free. Lance's gentle fingers tightened on Alex's cock. "Watch while you come."

Alex gasped at the air. His spine snapped tight and he shot come straight up. His vision did something wavy. Lance wrapped his arm across Alex's chest to keep him stable and kept jacking him off. Beyond climax. Through the sensitivity and pain until Alex's cries became needy again. Alex buried his face in Lance's neck and collapsed. Lance stroked his cock until even that failed to get a response from him.

Alex was pretty sure he'd never catch his breath.


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Original Photo by Damian Gadal

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Welcome to April!

Photo by IrisDragon
Cool things planned for this month:

1: ​I have a short story anthology (Paul/Victor) out with beta readers this month. Have my eyes on a book cover but haven't nailed down a title yet.

2: I'm drafting a pirate story for the M/M Romance group on goodreads. It's lots of fun! I'm holding an ongoing contest on the forum, there.

You'll see the Pirate story before Paul, since Pirates is on an accelerated schedule. I'm currently seeking artists for a book cover (paid! Budget is around 5 or 6 hundred for a non-exclusive unlimited commercial license). If you're interested, shoot me an email: w/ a link to your portfolio. I've found an artist and scheduled a commission. Thank you for suggestions! Title reveal on the 30th of April.

3: ​I'm also editing Serenity. I received edits back from the publisher (Bottom Drawer Publishing) and there's some work to do... hopefully I can finish both of these before...

4: ​RAINBOW CON in Florida on the 17-21. This is my first convention and I'm super excited/nervous. If someone recognizes my name I will probably run away and hide.

But if you're going we should totally find each other! Closer to the date I'll publish a list of my intended schedule.


Patreon Update:

Do you want to support the Inception serial or my work as a whole, but only have 1 or 2 bucks floating around in your wallet? Take a look at my Patreon page. I post serial updates there and additional content that you never see on the blog, like artwork and (coming soon) book reviews. You donate only when I post a content update.


Job Hunt:

And finally, I'll be moving down to San Diego in June. I'm seeking a writing, marketing, or social media job in the area but nothing has lined up yet  (so if you're hiring, let's chat!). I don't know how or if this will effect updates since I can schedule them in advance, but I wanted everyone to know.

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Zodiac: Inception Part 86

Original photo by jGlidePhotoATL
This flash fiction is part of a series. Follow Alex Drake from the day he joins Zodiac, through the trials of basic training, broken and mended hearts, to the day he becomes Motocross, elite Scorpio sniper. Start at Part One.

Part 86
Content Warning: explicit, D/s, menage

Nothing existed except the burn between Alex's thighs. He pushed the apartment door open and dropped his bag just inside. Taylor followed with a second bag. Lance and Keta sat the kitchen table, bent over their respective books to study. They looked up as Taylor shut the door.

Alex shook where he stood, staring holes in Lance. "I need you."

Lance stood and crossed the floor in a heartbeat. He spared a glare for Taylor and pushed Alex against the wall to bite his neck. "You smell like him." He crushed their mouths together, more a reminder of who was in charge than a kiss by any definition. "You taste like him." He bared teeth at Taylor. "What did you do?"

Talor slapped a piece of paper into Lance's hand. "What do you think?"

Enjoy your movie. Alex didn't remember dropping the note but things had been a little grey near the end. He forced Lance to look at him and kissed him at length. Lance actually snarled into his mouth. One hand came up to tighten on Alex's neck. "What did you do?"

Alex let his head fall to the wall, gasping for breath, turned on at the promise of danger. "I sucked him off."

"Did you come."

"No, Lance." The dark hand around his throat tightened. Alex's eyes rolled with pleasure and he arched off the wall.

"Good boy."

"He didn't." Taylor insisted, misreading the reaction. "He used me to torture himself for you. He never came." Alex saw him shoot a glance at Keta only meters away. He dropped his voice. "I've never seen anything like it."

Lance dropped Alex. He nearly slid to the floor, unprepared to support himself. "The bedroom." Lance growled at him. Alex nodded. He needed to wall to walk. He saw Keta half out of her chair and staring at him with serious concern. He touched his neck and swallowed a wince. He was probably going to bruise.

Lance hit the front door with a bang and towered over Taylor. "Wrong way."

"But you--"

"He can still speak which means you need a practical lesson in how to use my property." Lance frowned, his expression every shade of disappointed fury, but Alex saw a bulge at the front of his jeans. The real disappointment would be if Taylor left. "What do you say to me?"

"Uh..." Taylor shot a wide-eyed look at Alex.

Alex mouthed thank you and saluted.

"Uh, thank you, sir?"

Lance turned his body to allow Taylor out of the corner. "Bedroom."

"Yes, sir."

Alex grinned from ear to ear and saw Keta ease back into her seat. He darted down the short hall ahead of Taylor and they tumbled into the room.

Alex grabbed him for sloppy, eager kisses. They pulled at each others clothing, tripping over pants and belts to get skin to skin. Taylor pressed him belly down on the bed and massaged his cock up Alex's crack. "I want to fuck you--"

The door closed. Bags dropped to the floor. Taylor startled back before Lance could reach them, hands up to show he meant no harm. Alex regained his feet with laughter and pressed himself against Lance for kisses. "You know what he tastes like. You kissed him before me."

Lance tilted Alex's head back to devour him. "Yes."

"What else?"

"A hand job."

Alex pouted, "Without me?"

Lance ran his thumb across Alex's bottom lip, "I had to make sure he was good enough for you." Lance kissed him gently. Hesitation. Barely a whisper, "Was he good enough?"


Lance's kiss hardened and Alex met it with force, as eager for Lance's touch as he was for Taylor's. They only broke apart when Taylor groaned. He stroked himself while watching them. "You two are insane."

A light lit in Lance's eyes. His smile was sharp. "On the bed. Both of you."


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